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It is with great responsibility and honor that I announce to all of you the beginning of the...


The Constitutional Convention is an event that happens approximately every 3 years (though it should be at most 5), wherein the Laws and Structure of our Constitution is examined and rigorously debated by the current members of our community.

I will be posting topics in #unigamia-general to be discussed. If you want to join Unigamia and add to the discussion, post in #join-unigamia. I am still working through a backlog, but I hope to get to all of you shortly.

The Constitution affects ordinary members as well, and this could change our entire Discord as we know it!

Hello @everyone!

I didn't want to get everyone pumped up at the beginning of the week, where we probably wouldn't have played any games and would have lost momentum, but I am happy to announce that the Third Annual Co-Optober has begun! Every October, we try to play all of the Halloween-themed cooperative games we know of, along with any other cooperative games.

As tradition dictates, we try to play every Left 4 Dead/2 campaign in order
  1. No Mercy
  2. Crash Course
  3. Death Toll
  4. Dead Air
  5. Blood Harvest
  6. The Sacrifice
  7. The Last Stand
  8. Dead Center
  9. The Passing
  10. Dark Carnival
  11. Swamp Fever
  12. Hard Rain
  13. The Parish
(Cold Stream doesn't count)

We also used to play all the maps in Killing Floor 1, but now we've started playing Killing Floor 2, which we will be playing this weekend.

If you can think of any cooperative games that you would like to play as well (it doesn't have to be Halloween-theme), I have renamed #gaming-discussion to #co-optober....
Hello everyone and thank you from the bottom of my heart to each of you that took part in the 10-Year Anniversary Festivities!!! I'm glad that it brought the community together in many ways but also sad that it fractured the community in others. Regardless, here's to another 5, 10, however many years of the Universal Gaming Alliance! Hoorah!

And now, without further ado, I am putting into motion the Fifth Biennial Constitutional Convention! For those who do not know, our governing document as an organization is located here:


However, whenever there is a change in leadership or structure, the Constitution must be edited and re-ratified with a majority of active Unigamia members present at that time. Things that need to be considered during this Constitutional convention:
  • What should the role of Galactic Commanders be? Is sovereignty leadership a requirement?
  • How many tiers will be in our system with the additions...
Hello everyone! Today's the eve of the anniversary of the Knights Templar Mercenaries, our first organization on Counter-Strike: Source! Starting tomorrow, we will use the #anniversary-matchmaking channel (renamed #gaming-discussions) to coordinate which games we want to play. For the next 20 days, we will try to focus on playing games in the lists that corresponds to that date range.

If you are playing a game with dedicated servers, please add |UGA| to your Steam name so that other |UGA| members will be able to identify you. Here is the full schedule for the anniversary:

Thursday, August 23rd — Monday, August 27th (2008-2010)
  1. Counter-Strike: Source - Zombie Mod (
  2. Counter-Strike: Source - Surf
  3. Counter-Strike: Source - Jailbreak
  4. Counter-Strike: Source - Vanilla (
  5. Counter-Strike: Source - Gun Game (
  6. Half-Life 2: Deathmatch (server on request)...
Hello everyone,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the dates for our 10-year anniversary celebration! We will be celebrating from the foundation of the Knights Templar Mercenaries on August 23rd, to the foundation of the Universal Gaming Alliance on September 10th! This is 10 weeks away from today as I post this announcement.
  • Weekend of August 23rd to August 27th
  • Week of August 28th to September 1st
  • Week of September 2nd to September 6th
  • Weekend of September 7th to September 10th
We will be playing the following games during this time. Please mention what week you want to play each game. If a game is not here that you would like to play, please
  • Counter-Strike: Source
  • Left 4 Dead/2
  • Garry's Mod
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Age of Empires II, Age of Empires III, or Age of Mythology
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
  • Civilization V
  • Cards again Humanity
  • Coup
  • Empires/Nuclear...
Hello everyone,

Running a gaming organization isn't free nor is it cheap. I've been fine shouldering the burden of the website, TeamSpeak 3, and servers, but if we want to build the organization further, I can't go it alone.

Over the past 4 years, hosting these three services for the community has cost a total of $4,708.70.

In 2017 alone, this cost amounted to $1006.36.

This is a very sizeable amount of cash, so I'm enlisting the help of the community to start shouldering the burden of running our gaming organization.

So without further ado...

Our Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/unigamia

I will be working with our server admins on adding in-game rewards for our Patrons, in addition to the new and fancy Discord roles that you will receive for becoming patrons.
Hello everyone,

In the spirit in transparency, I will be disclosing as much of the Supercluster Council's decisions as possible. So far, we have addressed three resolutions:

Resolution #1: What should the age limit for |UGA| members and admins be? Should it be the same, or different?

Result: Two different ages were decided on to be considered a member and to qualify for admin in |UGA|. These ages are being kept confidential by the Council to avoid bullying of younger members (and allegations of being underaged) who may happen to join our Discord or TeamSpeak as a result of association with servers.

A comparison between the ages of the admins in Garry's Mod vs. SCP: Secret Laboratory easily shows how effective this resolution has been: https://imgur.com/a/OsOaZfD

Resolution #2: What constitutes a member of |UGA|?

Result: Aside from reaching the age limit, a member should register on the forums, and have both TeamSpeak 3 and...
Hello everyone and happy spring,

I meant to get this announcement out on April 1st after I returned from the wedding, but of course I let the month get away from me and here we are almost in May.

As many of you know, our SCP: Secret Laboratory servers skyrocketed in popularity so much so that we had 4 up with 25/25 players each over the weekend. We've brought almost a dozen new recruits into the Discord and with Halo Online becoming more popular, I hope that we can begin recruiting there as well. I have high hopes for @Shooster117 as a sovereignty leader to that end and I'll be working with him to see what I can do with hosting servers.

And now for the biggest announcement. When I abolished the Supercluster Council three years ago, I said that I would only bring back the Council when we began recruiting again. That day has come. With a fresh supply of new recruits, I am reinstating the very first Supercluster Council from 8 years ago as we approach our 10 year...
I have installed Steam Authorization on XenForo. Please link your forums account with your Steam account so that the forums are easier to use.

1. Log into your Unigamia.com account.
2. Go to https://www.unigamia.com/account/external-accounts
3. Log into Steam securely on their website with Steam Guard/two-factor authentication (if enabled).
4. Come back to the forums and type in your forums password, not your Steam password into the prompt provided.
5. You can now log into the forums so long as you are logged into Steam, and you don't need to remember your password anymore.
This year is the year of our 10 year anniversary, so I'm going to try to post at least one announcement every quarter and other ways to reinvigorate our community. I'm going to try to update the forums and the wiki over the next month with more features that should make both appealing to use to everyone in the community. I have found a new MediaWiki plugin that I hope will allow everyone to edit the wiki again, and I hope that we can finish the Roster and reflect on the dozens, if not hundreds of people, who have made our community what it is.

As for a games update, Dying Light has been popular with @sQuirrelz, @chopstick, @DarkVexus, and me. We've finished the game but we're working on the DLC now. Everyone above including Raxor has Tom Clancy's Ghost WIldlands, but that's fallen out of favor as the months' gone by. I bought all the Magicka DLC for myself as well as buying the base game for Raxor and @Kathasaboner,...