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October 23rd, 2020

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Here are the promotions for October 23rd, 2020.

Sector Supervisor

System Lieutenant

October 19th, 2020 Promotion Ceremony

Introducing the Fourth Supercluster Council!

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On September 19th, it was my honor to introduce to you... our Fourth Supercluster Council!

Let me introduce you to your new Supercluster Commodores!

First, from the 2008 era of |UGA|, we have Raxor! Raxor joined the Universal Gaming Alliance in 2008 as a member of the Knights Templar Mercenaries, and he has been with us ever since. From CSS to L4D2 to Minecraft, Raxor has been here for it all. In addition, Raxor was actually a member of the First Supercluster Council, and has been a constant source of good advice and council in running Unigamia. Raxor continues to give me great ideas on how to manage our server to this day. Welcome to the Council!

Second, from the 2010 era of |UGA|, we have Adam! Adam joined us after we met on Empires, and ever since he has been one of the best moderators in our community. Adam was a member of the Second Supercluster Council, and guided our community through the the first phrase of our sectarianism between two groups in TeamSpeak 3. Since...

September 18th, 2020 Promotion Ceremony

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Here are the promotions for Friday, September 18th.

Quadrant Commandant
Shameful <@297089712265494529>

Spur Officer
Columbus <@340775834942177280>

Sector Supervisors
Fellow.blu.child <@392581381378539521>
Sgt. Lee <@144992248688410625>

System Lieutenants
Drome <@268857845255110657>
Ratika <@527952474800390148>

September 13th, 2020 Promotion Ceremony

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Here are the members promoted on Sunday, September 13th.

Sector Supervisors
WeHaveEbola <@404138846285070338>
Pablo <@477148453080793088>
BabyBoucher <@239930288740761601>
ArcTrooper <@236295329606008833>
Greek <@499669623776608257>
Zora <@328345478167265283>
Starlight <@464554416285024256>

System Lieutenant
JonahWhale01 <@567024224644890664>
Sovyrnn <@284146542934360067>

September 12th, 2020 Promotion Ceremony

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This is the Promotion Ceremony that occurred on Saturday, September 12th.

Galactic Commander
LostInMyThoughts <@317968443460812800>

Spur Officers
Clashknight <@413962060267782164>
Ghost Bird Larry <@315989094088048642>
dont@me <@389495745884979202>
Lucid <@237386955703189506>
Juicebox <@195983141792382976>

Sector Supervisors
VibesRToxic <@128978275090432001>
Food <@553387507383926796>
Krby <@268130176464977930>
Highland Cow <@542106099885670459>
Blessgab <@518137824969490451>
Shariki (Dwarf) <@328409360336289792>
Dr. Chief <@630383348367228967>
Galaxyfur <@373555257688457216>
IceRaider <@312347638068674565>
Krygiel <@496120901335777290>
My Brother Daryl <@319204514353643531>
Shadoyanna <@194140498754142208>
Tombstone <@587845578679910400>
VoidAngel <@507874781526360074>
Whix <@276883452161294337>
Carolus Rex <@256940593442193408>
Zone <@192813263539404810>
Muffin Freeman <@263095590005506049>
DigitalStealth <@352682038949707777>

Meeting June 1st, 2019 Promotion Ceremony

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Records lost.

Meeting September 16th, 2019 System Lieutenant/Spur Officer Promotion Ceremony

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This promotion ceremony occurred on Monday, September 16th.

Spur Officers
Budda Kream <@335827601862033408>
Holyknight <@381961225753329666>
Roartex <@464228477998989313>
Sentinel Blue <@206929759739838464>

System Lieutenants
Dr. Chief/Lt. Dwight Schrute <@555205403143831552>
pigloover#8922 <@186562400764428298>
purple#5655 <@303685351975682060>
shameful <@297089712265494529>
theflipside <@389495745884979202>

Announcement Constitution Updates and TeamSpeak 3 Restored!

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Hello everyone,

During True April Resolution, I brought down the main Unigamia TeamSpeak 3 server and brought up a community server wherein all of the members who join the Universal Gaming Alliance before 2018 were eligible to become Server Admins. This invite was extended to every single person who quit the Universal Gaming Alliance over Easter weekend, as an olive branch to bring everyone back together again. However, this olive branch was thrown to the ground as they refused to rejoin despite being told that I would give them Server Admin on this new server.

I gave everyone 30 days to rejoin our new Community TeamSpeak and put aside this petty drama. In that time, we have undone the sin of trying to maintain a separate Discord and TeamSpeak 3 community, and have instead merged them together. As such, I have brought down the Community TeamSpeak and I have restored the Universal Gaming Alliance TeamSpeak that we've used for the past decade!

But I am not going to bring...

Meeting May 8th, 2020 Demotion Ceremony

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One of the biggest issues with restructuring the ranking structure of |UGA| was that there were already Public Text Moderators (the rank that was supposed to be for Galactic Commanders) who do not qualify for Galactic Commander, but who were promoted to Spur Officers last week. I am now grandfathering in these members as Quadrant Commandants with official promotions! Please congratulate them!

Quadrant Commandant Promotions
@Craz#9334 <@239585256578088961>
@LostInMyThoughts#0002 <@317968443460812800>

As I mentioned last week, we promoted many users to Spur Officer in the old ranking system so that there would be no unconstitutional jump promotions, but this now necessitates demotions for our newly promoted Spur Officers down to Parsec Surveyor. So please

Parsec Prefect Demotions
@Thatdudejerry#8678 <@203988614441336832>
@Xeloro#6061 <@207590785095303170>
@BROKEN#2939 <@318590355362676736>
@columbus#7608 <@340775834942177280>

Meeting May 1st, 2020 Promotion Ceremony

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This is a synopsis of the announcement from Friday with a list of all the individuals who were promoted two days ago. Congratulations to everyone who has been promoted! Remember, we'll be having another promotion ceremony on Friday with our new staff.

Galactic Commander Promotions
@Fullmetal#0742 <@152343284176519169>
@IdoNotGotThis#8179 <@218612513640677376>
@Raxor#9439 <@444939247036661761>
@SpaceAce#0524 <@239839100188884995>
@Kaggy#2192 <@129055540536934400>
@Aavlen#2463 <@236870988262801408>
@LegoLeLego#7196 <@225755254665379841>
@SentinelBlue#0049 <@206929759739838464>
@Budda Kream#7941 <@335827601862033408>
@Roartex#9362 <@464228477998989313>
@Argone#1285 <@221120710033014784>
@Zomb#5546 <@136694551522836481>
@Kat#5858 <@375857021842358282>
@Ortum#0001 <@154119235826614272>
@Adam#1087 <@122720861856858112>

Spur Officer Promotions
@Thatdudejerry#8678 <@203988614441336832>
@Xeloro#6061 <@207590785095303170.
@SatanIsSlacking#1269 <@224381219243163658>...
Discord - The Lobby.

Announcement Total Restructuring of Unigamia Ranks

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Hello everyone,

For the past two years, I tried to maintain |UGA| as both a TeamSpeak 3 community and a Discord community. The TeamSpeak 3 members held the ranks of Supercluster Commodore and Spur Officer, while Discord members held the ranks of System Lieutenant and Planetary Ensign. My plan was, as TeamSpeak 3 members became active on Discord, I would promote them to Galactic Commander. Sadly, no matter what changes I made to Discord, I could not get the TeamSpeak 3 community to move into Discord. Maintaining both Discord and TeamSpeak 3 as separate communities was unconstitutional. It was factioning. It had to end.

In this regard, the events of Easter Weekend have been a blessing. There is no longer a TeamSpeak 3 community separate from the Discord community. We are all one community now. I made many hacks to appease the TeamSpeak 3 community, such as the creation of the @public-text-moderator and @public-voice moderator roles which were stand-ins for Galactic Commander and...

Announcement Our Forums Are Complete!

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I have a very important announcement to make... OUR FORUMS ARE NOW OFFICIALLY UPGRADED!!!

I've spent a lot of money and a lot of time upgrading these forums, finding a new theme, and upgrading all our addons, so please try to log in! If you have never logged into our forums, try to make a new account.

At the very least, I have ONE request for all of you:

Please post a new thread in General Discussions/Media Discussions/Gaming Discussions

It would mean a lot to me if the forums became active again, so register if you aren't registered and post if you haven't posted yet!

If you already have a Steam account but you haven't linked your Steam account to the forums, please do so here:

It aggregates how many hours we've spent in each game, so we can have a leaderboard for most popular game in Unigamia!

Also, I fixed the exploit pings in #*-lfg channels. Players can no longer @everyone or @here...

Announcement Statement on the Events in TeamSpeak this Easter Weekend

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After the events of the past 3 days, I find it prudent to record everything that happened so that nothing can be taken out of context, and I cannot be demonized for things that I did not do justifiably.

If you do not want to read the history and you just want to know what happened, skip to Current Events.


I have to give some history before explaining the events of this weekend, because otherwise this will fall on deaf ears.

Twelve years ago, White and Yoshi instigated the April Rebellion on April 8th, where they attempted to steal half the active members of the Knights Templar Mercenaries, the organization that preceded |UGA|. On April 10th, I had a meeting with them on Ventrilo bargaining for my members back. We were able to reunify, but White and Yoshi both took co-leader positions in exchange.

Over the next year or so, we continued to use a Ventrilo server hosted by White. On several occasions, White kicked or banned me from "my own" Ventrilo...

Meeting January 17th, 2020 Spur Officer/System Lieutenant Promotion Ceremony

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I found an old text document logging promotions from back in January. I'm posting it on the forums before the current promotion ceremony so that these aren't forgotten.

Spur Officer Promotions
@Rhys#0507 <@294282059067949056>
@slʇΌ (๑•̀ㅂ •́)#0529 <@341431138226798595>
@11 Corgis on a computer#0103

System Lieutenant Promotions
@Clashknight90#8422 <@413962060267782164>
@Ford Defect#8662 <@259494110153408522>
@Fox Grl#2747 <@328409360336289792>
@JoltenHeim#6673 <@197918233150488577>
@Sgt.Lee58#6844 <@144992248688410625>
Discord - The Lobby.

Meeting July 31st, 2020 System Lieutenant Promotion Ceremony

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It was a small promotion ceremony since the roster is broken. please congratulate our 10 new System Lieutenants!!!

@[-] Greek#0001 <@499669623776608257>
@zodi#5831 <@342766928156295168>
@Dwarf#2747 <@328409360336289792>
@Fellow.Blu.Child#4713 <@392581381378539521>
@Karsin#1648 <@215151749613223938>
@Muffin Freeman#8184 <@263095590005506049>
@Shadoyama#4166 <@194140498754142208>
@Tombstone#1213 <@587845578679910400>
@VibesRToxic#9141 <@128978275090432001>
@food#2292 <@553387507383926796>

Meeting November 30th, 2018 Promotion Ceremony

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This is the promotion ceremony for Friday, November 30th.

System Lieutenants
LostInMyThoughts#0001 <@317968443460812800>
Budda Kream#7941 <@335827601862033408>
Jean#4371 <@289941121075904512>
Kevin from HP Customer Service#0569 <@179440488472903691>
God Emperor Communazi Of FSOA#0708 <@261972934183223297>
SentinelBlue#2883 <@206929759739838464>
Rhys#0507 <@294282059067949056>
ajackwagon#2622 <@199334995733643266>
DotSpecific#6240 <@395046989668286466>
TheBlade#8978 <@351402712052793345>
๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡SkotKeller#4369 <@133439170625536000>
Korea#8432 <@354006442828627979>
Ana#9410 <@147833921692762113>
Slave Knight Arby#8934 <@167857733645631489>

Thanks to Budda Kream for processing the System Lieutenant promotions for me! https://discordapp.com/channels/227968952595251200/441792009347268608/518230105747619841

Meeting December 31st, 2019 Promotion Ceremony

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Records lost.

Announcement Constitutional Convention 2019 Has Begun!

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It is with great responsibility and honor that I announce to all of you the beginning of the...


The Constitutional Convention is an event that happens approximately every 3 years (though it should be at most 5), wherein the Laws and Structure of our Constitution is examined and rigorously debated by the current members of our community.

I will be posting topics in #unigamia-general to be discussed. If you want to join Unigamia and add to the discussion, post in #join-unigamia. I am still working through a backlog, but I hope to get to all of you shortly.

The Constitution affects ordinary members as well, and this could change our entire Discord as we know it!


Meeting January 13th, 2019 Promotion Ceremony

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This is for the promotion ceremony that took place on Sunday, January 13th.

Announcement message: https://discordapp.com/channels/227968952595251200/489614413754531840/534167564235046912

System Lieutenants
slʇΌ (๑•̀ㅂ •́)#0529
Holyknight NCRHUNTER#0862
11 Corgis on a Computer#0103