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We've reached a tipping point as a community where there is a clear rift

TeamSpeak 3 Pros/Discord Cons
  1. Has channel descriptions and the ability to create channel-specific rules and images
  2. Channels can have icons
  3. Players can have game icons
  4. Two active chat channels at a time: server chat and channel chat, though server chat is seldom used since being enabled for normal users
  5. Voice encryption is controlled by our server, and is therefore more trustworthy, but chat is not encrypted
  6. TeamSpeak can have many more channels without looking very cluttered
  7. TeamSpeak has a more advanced permissioning system
  8. TeamSpeak has 6 different codecs: Speex Narrowband, Speex Wideband, Speex Ultra-Wideband, CELT Mono, Opus Voice, and Opus Music with 10 levels of quality
  9. TeamSpeak is an FTP/File Storage but the permissions are so bad that you cannot delete your own files. Whoever can delete files can delete ALL files
  10. TeamSpeak has a Master Volume slider....
Post your Steam award nominations here so that we can stack up nominations!


Click the above link to see the descriptions for the Steam Awards.
  1. The “Test of Time” Award: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  2. The “I'm Not Crying, There's Something In My Eye” Award: Psychonauts
  3. The “Just 5 More Minutes” Award: The Forest
  4. The “Whoooaaaaaaa, dude!” Award: Zeno Clash 2
  5. The “Villain Most In Need Of A Hug” Award: Dead by Daylight
  6. The “Game Within A Game” Award: Counter-Strike: Source
  7. The “I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award” Award: Guns of Icarus Online, specifically requested by their developers
  8. The “Best Use Of A Farm Animal” Award: PAYDAY 2
  9. The “Let's Play” Award: Outlast
We're bringing in some big changes to |UGA| to start off the month of September. I've begun to formally structure the Galactic Command Center so that members will have positions just like the Parliament of the Knights Templar Mercenaries. It has been a frequent complaint that there are too many Galactic Commanders, so now Galactic Commanders will be either heads of departments or

Galactic Command Center
  • Head of Daytime Security - Fullmetal
  • Vice Head of Daytime Security - sQuirrelz
  • Survival Adventure State Commander - SpaceAce
  • Head of European Member Relations - White
  • Garry's Mod Supremacy Commander - Chopstick
  • Head of Event Planning - Happy Carrots
  • ARK: Survival Evolved Sovereignty Leader - Chariotman
In addition, I have added three new groups to the TeamSpeak:
  • Spur Officer - A veteran group for longstanding members of |UGA|.
  • Parsec Surveyor - A recruiter group will be used when System Lieutenants outgrow their capacity to...
System Lieutenants can now post events for monthly or weekly games.

This Calendar will be used for:
  • |UGA| Holidays
  • Monthly |UGA| Games
  • |UGA| Member's Birthdays and Birthday Games
Now whenever we have events no one can say they forgot about it.
This is an overview of decisions made during March, and upcoming events in |UGA|.

The 2016 Winter Schism has ended and the Elsword/Monster Hunter/Phantasy Star Online 2 members have rejoined! To foster group relations, I will be promoting Dejha Seo, SuperND, Jiya Re, Jiggy, Phoenix, and Shiryu back to their positions as Galactic Commanders after finishing maintenance on the TeamSpeak 3 server later tonight.

We decided to postpone the June meetup. The only for-sure attendees would have been Squirrel, SpaceAce, and me. We had too many people with other plans or who said they could not make it for monetary reasons to make the trip feasible. We will be planning a trip for next year after going over everyone's schedules.

After educating myself on the plights of women and minorities, I've decided that we need stricter rules on language in TeamSpeak:
  • From this day forth, usage of the n-word, f-word (6 letters), or other perjoratives will result in a permanent ban.
  • Not...
Technically, I restored the Galactic Command Center last week on Tuesday. This was the former command structure:

Supercluster Commodores
  • Squirrelz
  • SuperND
  • SpaceAce
  • White

Galactic Commanders
  • Adam
  • Fullmetal
  • JiyaRe
  • Dejha Seo
  • Shooster
  • Jiggy
  • Raxor
  • Choppy
Now this is the current Galactic Command Center:
  • Adam
  • Fullmetal
  • Squirrel
  • Silent
  • Shooster
  • Raxor
  • SpaceAce
  • White
  • Choppy
To continue my policy of posting an update thread every other month, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

First, the Supercluster Council is still suspended, and the Galactic Commander has been reinstated and slashed by two-thirds in size. Galactic Commanders will only be appointed for moderation purposes only, instead of for leading a sovereignty.

Second, the maximum allowed ban is for Galactic Commanders is 6 hours. This ban is only allowed after 1 warning to cease and desist offensive behavior.

Third, I am keeping Channel Admins in the positions that they are and changing their role in TeamSpeak to be more significant. Channel Admins cannot set passwords anymore. As above, an offending member must be given 1 warning to cease and desist offensive behavior. If the member disobeys, he/she will be added to the Channel Banned group and kicked from the channel.

Fourth, we will no longer be giving day+ long bans. We have now had two three day bans where the offense was minor (only worth a...
This system that we have languished by on for almost two years consistently and four years on and off has been abolished. Electing those who are meant to lead is a complete and utter failure, when only those who have the credentials for leadership should be leaders.

If leadership credentials are not to be had, then the second qualification is the ability to recruit. It was a requirement for quite some time to be recruiting as a sovereignty leader, or have that position taken away.

Only I have recruited consistently for this organization. Do not mistake single-game recruits as valuable. A recruit is only valuable if that recruit shares many games in common with the rest of the organization, thus perpetuating what |UGA| was meant to be, a multi-gaming organization.
Most of you, by the time you see this message, will have already noticed that I have drastically changed the format of TeamSpeak 3. Previously, we had 65 channels in TeamSpeak 3. This is more than a six-to-one ratio of channels to average number of active members on TeamSpeak 3 at a time. Today, I have brought that ratio down to four-to-one with 40 channels. I may further decrease the number of channels this coming week.

It does not reflect well on the server when a user joins only to require scrolling down to see who is online, and furthermore be daunted by the number of channels in the TeamSpeak.

Similarly with the forums, their greatest problem is complexity. We simply have too many forums with too many places for things to possibly go, leading people to not post on the forums at all.

Now, I have always been a strong advocate of looking to the stars—of representing the organization we want to be with our channels and with our forums. Sadly, this has been greatly...
Congratulations to our new Supercluster Commodores!
  1. SuperND
  2. White
  3. SpaceAce
  4. Squirrel
The anonymous voting system, though successful, showed no real difference to normal voting, so we will probably go back to normal voting next year. Next elections are on January 1st, unless we get little to no new recruits, in which case the Supercluster Council will be disbanded.

I have also put a cap on the number of Galactic Commanders equal to 2.5x the Supercluster Council, rounded to the nearest division of three, making the current cap 9. Galactic Commanders should either be running a sovereignty or be actively moderating. Right now we have a total of 9, but I need to give it back to chopstick and Areo because they had duplicates and I just removed all of their accounts.

Also, please make sure that you and your friends are on the Roster:


Supercluster Commodore and Galactic Commander can be suspended at any time...