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I hope everyone celebrated a good birthday weekend from |UGA|. As you can read on our wiki, |UGA|'s birthday was actually on Thursday, but according to Steam it was Friday. I'm actually somewhat sad that I didn't get a Villages and Pirates game going, or another game that the entire community can participate in.

As many of you know, we have a new ARK server! After @Chariotman was nice enough to give us a month of his ARK server (and get us all hooked!), I've restored our world onto my world. You can see all of our servers on GameTracker:


I am currently trying to restore the old Minecraft server and worlds to our current Minecraft server. For this, I had to start cleaning up our gaming server and delete unused content. We will be bringing down the Villages and Pirates Garry's Mod server because of this soon.

Elections are still ongoing and...
If you have been in |UGA| for more than 2 years you can apply for Supercluster Commodore, and more than 1 year you can apply for Galactic Commander.

Supercluster Commodores must PM me a paragraph (5+ sentences) saying why they should be Supercluster Commodore.

Galactic Commanders must have recruited 2 or more people to |UGA|.

Application ends on Saturday, August 29th.
Meeting is for GC's and SC's taking place July 24th and 25th 2015 8 pm eastern. I believe it is in our best intrests to regularaly have meetings every weekend to make sure things are running as effiecently and smoothly as possible. This will be a chance for everyone to address issues with the rest of the staff so please attend and use it as an opportunity to voice complaints and ideas to further the community.
These are the changes in Magnets and Waffles leadership for the end of 2015.

Demotions are for not regularing TeamSpeak anymore.

No Change
Jon - moderator
SkyrimShuffle - moderator
Squirrel - supermod
TereziTwinkleTits - trial
Vagabond - trial

SpaceAce - moderator => supermod
Chariotman - trial => moderator

Beastboy8700/Happy Carrots - moderator => regular
Hockeyjonchamp15 - moderator => regular
jake_sunshine - trial => member
Kagnarok - trial => member
Ninja Nutcrackin - trial => member
Rezin - admin => member
Silent - moderator => member
Skeletor - trial => regular
squireboy - moderator => regular
The one day bans on Shiryu and TechPanda were unjust.

Not because they did nothing wrong. Rather, both had transgressed in their respective instances enough to warrant a ban. However, the length of punishment was chosen without due process, going immediately to a one-day ban without anything intermittent.

The punishment order for a single night is as follows:
  1. First transgression: Warning or kick the member to cease and desist.
  2. Second transgression:
    1. If the member belongs to the group of the present sovereignty leader:
      1. 5 minute ban for small transgressions, such as a direct, blatant insult, i.e. racial pejoratives, sexist pejoratives, IRL references.
      2. 60 minute ban for a serious transgression but not one that would require an inquiry, i.e. minor trolling or griefing.
    2. If the member does not belong to the group of the present sovereignty leader:
      1. Warning the user that re-entering the channel will result in an immediate...
Meeting is at 7 PM CST for Galactic Commanders and Up. Attendance is required, unless approved otherwise by 2 or more SC's.
There has been some confusion over what qualifies as spam and what punishments it entails.

Spam is the repetition of unwanted text, imagery, sound, or actions.
  • Sending an overwhelming amount of text messages is spam.
  • Sending repetitive unwanted imagery.
  • Playing unwanted repetitive sounds over the mic.
  • Switching channels multiple times in TeamSpeak.
Based on these criteria, internet shock sites qualify as spam. Sending of them in TeamSpeak or any other |UGA| medium will not be tolerated.

As many of you know, Planetary Ensigns must be in TeamSpeak for 30 days with moderate activity, and have a forum account to be promoted to System Lieutenant. I am currently working on cleaning the System Lieutenants list from users who are not registered on the forums. However, this runs into a logistical issue.

How do we keep track of which users have a forum account?

The best way to do this would be to set a user's description field to the URL of his/her forum...
I need individual sovereignty leaders to start adding members to the Roster because it's not something that I can do alone.

Here's how to do it:
  1. Log into the forums (you are).
  2. If your forum account name is the PERMANENT name you want used in |UGA|, you can edit the Roster. If your forum name is not the name that you are called by or known as in TeamSpeak. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THE WIKI. Ask me to change your username on the forums.
  3. Go to the Roster: https://www.unigamia.com/wiki/Roster
  4. If you do not see your username in the top-right, tell me and I will try to fix it with you.
  5. Find the user you want to add on this list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...NnflVOsze3rLv0wboo7PV3xP8/edit#gid=1424257785
  6. If you cannot find the user, they might have changed their nickname in TeamSpeak 3. Ask me to refresh the list or search for the individual manually.
  7. If you found the user, click "Edit" on the...
Superclusters can read the reasoning here:


Anyway, we need to spur the usage of the forums and one of the best ways to do that is to actually start using the Sovereignty forums the way they were meant to be used.

If you play a game not listed in the Supremacys or States

Post a new thread here:


If you are the Sovereignty Leader of a State

Post a new thread in your State's forum:


If your State does not have a forum, reply to this post telling me. I could just synchronize the forums with TeamSpeak, but once again, I want people to use the forums.

If you are the Sovereignty Leader of a Supremacy

Same as above, except post your channel description in the root channel of your Supremacy.

I have currently disabled the ability for Supercluster...