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    Midnight Panda's Discord Moderator Application

    Your Name: Midnight Panda Your Join Date: 12/31/19 Your Last Promotion/Demotion Date: 10/19/20 Do you use static voice channels or auto voice channels more often? Auto voice channels When you are in AVC, are you in public voice channels or private voice channels more often? Depends on who is...
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    SCP:SL Midnight Panda's SCP:SL Moderator Application

    Servers you play on the most: RP when I can In-game name: |UGA| Midnight Panda Steam ID 64: 76561198403099721 Discord ID (handle and ID): Midnight Panda#7103 329135240742305792 Age: 17 How many people have you invited to the server: 2 How many in-game hours do you have: 437.1 hours Why you think...
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    Furry Club Application

    Aww you didnt invite me? :(
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    The LGBT club application

    Name of Your Club: The lgbt club Purpose of Your Club: For a while now in UGA there has been immense anti-lgbt ideals and harassment. Just while recruiting members for this club i was met by transphobia by my now ex friend. There should be a space safe for lgbt members of the community to talk...
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    SCP:SL Pawthorne SCP:SL Moderator Application

    I can vouch for this dude. Really good person and active in discord. Definitely should be a mod imo.
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    SCP:SL Doug's SCP:SL Moderator application :)

    This is a direct copy and paste of another mod's application word for word. If you have no effort to apply you shouldn't be a mod.
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    Yu-Gi-Oh My Official Among Us Admin Application

    amazing truly amazing. must be accepted immediately.
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    my admin application :) (updated title :) )

    Ay nice a galactic commander. I think if pat trusts you enough with such a high rank you have potential as a mod. Def rooting for ya
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    SCP:SL Lucid's SCP:SL Moderator Application

    Ay I see you on discord a lot and you seem like a cool dude. I'll be up for it.
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    Midnight Panda's SCP:SL Mod Application

    Yes I copy pasted this. Fight me. I'm prob gonna play more now that I have access to a computer again.
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    Midnight Panda's SCP:SL Mod Application

    Servers you play on the most: #2 ERP, #3 RP, #4 MEMES In-game name: ~[UGA]~Midnight Panda Steam ID 64: Discord ID (handle and ID): Midnight Panda#1234 329135240742305792 Age: 16 How many people have you invited to the server: 1 Why you think you should...