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  1. PatPeter

    Second June Villages and Pirates

    The second Villages and Pirates for the month of June will be hosted on June 27th at 8 PM after the Patreon meeting (we might have to start late if the Patreon meeting goes over).
  2. PatPeter

    Important Minecraft Staff Meeting

    I talked to Ortum at Dave and Buster's about several Minecraft changes we will be making. I didn't have the time to get to it yesterday and I will probably work on it sometime this week. I may reschedule this meeting if necessary, but it is probably cancelled.
  3. PatPeter

    Important Minecraft Staff Meeting

    During this meeting, we will be discussing the future of the Minecraft sovereignty in Unigamia, including how many servers and what gamemodes we should be running.
  4. PatPeter

    Second June Community Night

    Join us for our second Community Night in June where we'll be playing Jackbox Party Pack, Cards Against Humanity, or some other games!
  5. PatPeter

    First Flash Game Competition

    I am going to be holding a contest to see who can finish one of these flash games first on Friday, starting at 7 PM CST. I will have everyone stream to confirm that they have not made any prior progress in the game, and the winner will receive 100-250 community points depending on how long the...
  6. PatPeter

    Discord Moderator Orientation (Required: GC, QC, SO, PP)

    Event was rescheduled yesterday.
  7. PatPeter

    Announcement Constitution Updates and TeamSpeak 3 Restored!

    Hello everyone, During True April Resolution, I brought down the main Unigamia TeamSpeak 3 server and brought up a community server wherein all of the members who join the Universal Gaming Alliance before 2018 were eligible to become Server Admins. This invite was extended to every single...
  8. PatPeter

    2020 Patreon Meetings

    Please reply to this thread if you will miss the May Patreon meeting.
  9. PatPeter

    2020 Patreon Meetings

    This is to RSVP for the Patreon meetings, or to say you can't make it. If enough people can't make it, we will reschedule to a better time for that month.
  10. PatPeter

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  11. PatPeter

    Discord Moderator Orientation (Required: GC, QC, SO, PP)

    Since many of the Spur Officer and Parsec Prefects were thrown into their roles both as higher ranks in |UGA| and as official Unigamia Discord Moderators, we need to have a meeting where we orientate on how and when to use their new powers, and the rules behind using those new powers. Time might...
  12. PatPeter

    Meeting May 8th, 2020 Demotion Ceremony

    It's in the briefcase buried by the beach. You can find it marked with two coconuts with two smaller coconuts below them and a very long banana.
  13. PatPeter

    Meeting May 8th, 2020 Demotion Ceremony

    One of the biggest issues with restructuring the ranking structure of |UGA| was that there were already Public Text Moderators (the rank that was supposed to be for Galactic Commanders) who do not qualify for Galactic Commander, but who were promoted to Spur Officers last week. I am now...
  14. PatPeter

    Meeting May 1st, 2020 Promotion Ceremony

    Looks like I need to fix the XenForo database because I can't store Vlad's name in the announcement.
  15. PatPeter

    SCP:SL Blighted's Mod Application

    To my knowledge the Supermods have already decided trials, so I can't guarantee you'll get into this trial wave. My previous message violated our Bylaws, so I had to edit it.
  16. PatPeter

    Anime What anime are you watching for Spring 2020?

    We stopped watching spring anime to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. What anime would you like to watch next?
  17. PatPeter

    Meeting May 1st, 2020 Promotion Ceremony

    This is a synopsis of the announcement from Friday with a list of all the individuals who were promoted two days ago. Congratulations to everyone who has been promoted! Remember, we'll be having another promotion ceremony on Friday with our new staff. Galactic Commander Promotions...
  18. PatPeter

    Meeting January 17th, 2020 Promotion Ceremony

    I found an old text document logging promotions from back in January. I'm posting it on the forums before the current promotion ceremony so that these aren't forgotten. Spur Officer Promotions @Rhys#0507 @slʇΌ (๑•̀ㅂ •́)و#0529 @Roartex#9362 (or he was already promoted) @Aavlen#2463 @Ortum#0001...
  19. PatPeter

    Half-Life Next Half-Life.

    If we don't get Half-Life 3 in the next 5 years riot at Valve.
  20. PatPeter

    Promotion Ceremony

    Post hoc thread for the promotion ceremony both to log it and to get myself in the habit of scheduling events.