Announcement 1000 Members and Promotions

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A brief announcement for this Sunday night, we reached 1000 members last weekend!

And I forgot to post an announcement for it :'(

Also, I am promoting two people on the Magnets and Waffles server:
  • SkyrimShuffle - Trial to Moderator
  • Johnathan - Trial to Moderator
I always reward effort and it is the fault of my own laziness and excuses that I didn't log into SourceBans and promote Skyrim two weeks ago, but after my motherboard completely failed, I realize that I need to get back to working on the servers in any way I can before I get my computer fixed.

I also know that Skyrim will display getting promoted over Jonathan, but both of them have done a good job of populating the server, and are both individuals I want on the admin team going forward as Magnets and Waffles fills up to 20 people with no admins online.
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