Newsletter 2016 March Newsletter

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This is an overview of decisions made during March, and upcoming events in |UGA|.

The 2016 Winter Schism has ended and the Elsword/Monster Hunter/Phantasy Star Online 2 members have rejoined! To foster group relations, I will be promoting Dejha Seo, SuperND, Jiya Re, Jiggy, Phoenix, and Shiryu back to their positions as Galactic Commanders after finishing maintenance on the TeamSpeak 3 server later tonight.

We decided to postpone the June meetup. The only for-sure attendees would have been Squirrel, SpaceAce, and me. We had too many people with other plans or who said they could not make it for monetary reasons to make the trip feasible. We will be planning a trip for next year after going over everyone's schedules.

After educating myself on the plights of women and minorities, I've decided that we need stricter rules on language in TeamSpeak:
  • From this day forth, usage of the n-word, f-word (6 letters), or other perjoratives will result in a permanent ban.
  • Not using a trigger warning will result in a ban.
  • Violating someone's safety in one of our four safe space channels will result in a ban.
  • Not checking your privilege before talking to someone whose privilege is less than yours can result in a ban.
There is an informal meetup at the Chicago Open Air concert: If you can attend, please notify H1Z1 or myself.

Also, in an attempt to end the matriarchy, Shiva is now the queen of |UGA|, displacing the previous queen, Temporia.
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