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Hello everyone,

In the spirit in transparency, I will be disclosing as much of the Supercluster Council's decisions as possible. So far, we have addressed three resolutions:

Resolution #1: What should the age limit for |UGA| members and admins be? Should it be the same, or different?

Result: Two different ages were decided on to be considered a member and to qualify for admin in |UGA|. These ages are being kept confidential by the Council to avoid bullying of younger members (and allegations of being underaged) who may happen to join our Discord or TeamSpeak as a result of association with servers.

A comparison between the ages of the admins in Garry's Mod vs. SCP: Secret Laboratory easily shows how effective this resolution has been:

Resolution #2: What constitutes a member of |UGA|?

Result: Aside from reaching the age limit, a member should register on the forums, and have both TeamSpeak 3 and Discord installed. Guests who join the server for SCP, Garry's Mod, or ARK are to be considered guests, and not recruits as was the previous policy in TeamSpeak (all people who joined TeamSpeak were considered recruits).

Resolution #3: Should the number of channels in TeamSpeak 3 be reduced to match the current scale of |UGA|? (In addition, Discord has also been restructured to compartmentalize sovereignties)

Result: With unanimous approval of the Council, it was decided that the number of channels in TeamSpeak should be reduced. For the first time since 2012, our TeamSpeak no longer has to be scrolled to be searched through. This will be much less intimidating to first-timers of TeamSpeak and it should be easier to bring in users from Rainbow Six: Siege, PUBG, or Halo: Online.

As many of you know already, Discord is now completely compartmentalized so that the only groups of games you see are those that you are interested in. This was necessary for the SCP Community after growing so large that it eclipsed the other portions of Discord, and I believe it will allow other sovereignties to grow as well.

You can see a history of TeamSpeak channels here:


Since we are slowly bringing back sovereignties, members can request a Channel Admin over a channel for proposed sovereignties, even more than 1 at a time, as long as those members are trying to build a community off of it. As I said in my previous newsletter, those who become the first new Sovereignty Leaders will be awarded with Galactic Commander.

The Supercluster Commodores, matching their rank, have been given Channel Admin in every single channel on TeamSpeak.


Since this newsletter was so early, I may or may not have another newsletter this month. Thank you for staying tuned.
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