SCP:SL ArcTrooper's Mod Application


Servers you play the most: RP and MEMES

Name of the Super/Senior Mod sponsoring you (you cannot ask): None (I've heard its been depreciated)

In-game name: ={ARC}= ArcTrooper210

Steam ID 64: 76561198119351059 (I have a VAC ban on CS:GO I will explain if you ask)

Discord Handle & ID: ArcTrooper#6254 | 236295329606008833

Age: 17

How many people have you invited to the server: 1 or 2 I think

Why you think you should be admin: I believe I can bring a fun and insightful person to the mod team. I have moderated several different times including, Minecraft, Discord, and Battlefield 4. I know how to bring all sides of a conflict into account when deciding what to do and I am good at cooling a heated situation. Yes I have broken rules in the past but as I played more and more on UGA servers, the more I wanted to stick around.

Give me three scenarios you would use your admin in:
Scenario 1:
Teamkill: Check the logs, talk to the person and give a warning, if they continue then temp ban for 24 hours. If it is an elevator grenade, talk to the person and find the motive behind the massacre then drop the ban hammer for the appropriate amount of time.

Scenario 2: Micspam/Earrape: If they are spamming kindly ask the person to stop, if they refuse then server mute. But if they are purposely ear raping to be annoying, immediately server mute the person.

Scenario 3: Cheating/Scripting: Go undercover and gather as much evidence (Grabbing their IP and auth token) as needed to prove that the person is cheating then permanently ban them from the server then send the evidence to a higher up to get them ip banned.
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I like how you answer the scenarios including the experience you've had. We've all done things that bend or break the rules, i'd recommend he be put in the trial wave.


I trained you for trial moderator on 5/08/2020