Bella_boo0001's Staff app P2


Planetary Ensign
* Servers you play on the most: Memes
* In-game name: Bella_boo0001
* Steam ID 64:
* Discord ID (handle and ID): B e l l a#0737 / 330716557338476544
* Age: 17
* How many people have you invited to the server: 3 to 4 people
* Why you think you should be admin: Memes was the first server I ever played on when I started scp and I wouldn’t say everyone likes me but a decent amount of people like me. And just I like spending time with people on the server. I like to make people laugh and smile along with me. So I think I should be a admin because I feel like I can be there when needed and not do stupid stuff like crash the server or abuse the living crap out of mod
* Give me three scenarios you would use your admin in:
* Scenario 1: if I see a hacker on the game I would take as much video proof and picture proof as I can. And warn all the other mods and pat about it
* Scenario 2: If I saw anyone breaking the rules I would bring it to their attention that this person broke the rule and tell them something they could have done instead of breaking the rules.
* Scenario 3: If there is points where arguments get really violent I would try to solve it by getting each persons side and adding it up and see I can solve the problem

When I got demoted I was on another persons account (not knowing) I couldn't do that. So after I got demoted I have left the server for a couple of months for stuff to die down and come back. And ever since I came back I have not had any drama that I at least knew about. And the months while I was gone I thought about the bad shit I did and regret the things I did. But due to half or most of the mod team gone or inactive I wanna help some of them out because they probably have better stuff to do in life instead of playing scp or is going through stuff. But to who ever accepts this or not please forgive me for my past and my stupid self and stupid choices. But I would really appreciate to be back on the mod team and show that I can do better than last time. :)