SCP:SL Big Boss McRoss' Trial-Mod Application

Big Boss McRoss

Planetary Ensign
Servers you play on the most: ERP #2, RP #3, MEMES #4

In-game name: |UGA| Big Boss McRoss

Steam ID 64: 76561198891846802

Discord ID (handle and ID): HadesMyst#7850 513887412041285643

Age: 16

How many people have you invited to the server: 0

Why you think you should be admin: I've been a member of UGA since late May/early June and genuinely being apart of the community, so I thought it would make sense to actually do something for it rather than just vibing and going to events like a chad. Plus, it gets annoying when there are Tkers or other rule-breakers) on while no mods are, but since I'm pretty active I could help reduce the issues. (By active I mean like, 6 hours in one session on average).

Give me three scenarios you would use your admin in:
Scenario 1:
If someone is team killing.
Scenario 2: If someone is harassing others/directing slurs.
Scenario 3: If someone is hacking or exploiting.