BobZeComrade Interstellar Ranger Application


Interstellar Commandant
  • Your Name: BobZeComrade
  • Your Join Date: 3/5/22
  • Your Last Promotion/Demotion Date: 4/9/22 to 3 Year Veteran
  • Do you use static voice channels or auto voice channels more often? When I need to yes
  • When you are in AVC, are you in public voice channels or private voice channels more often? Public
  • If you have been a Discord moderator:
    Name three ways in which you have used your moderator powers or how you have resolved drama:
    - During a raid when I banned a friend group in SCP:SL, I used my mod powers to mute and warn them in discord
    - Handled drama between two parties without having Pat or any other higher power to intercede
    - Other warns/mutes that are not particularly eventful (ie spamming memes in general, the works)

    I left the server when I was a spur officer but seeing as there is some changes going on I feel I should be reinstated as Interstellar Ranger rather than Spur...... BUT in the future I should also be heavily considered to be put back