SCP:SL Broken's mod application (repost)


  • Servers I play on the most: #3 [RP], #4 [MEMES], #2 [ERP]
  • In-game name: Broken
  • Steam ID 64: 76561199075765293
  • Discord ID: Broken#0010 | 450465453463044096
  • Age: 18
  • How many people have you invited to the server: Two people. (Tak, and one of my friends named ash)
  • Why you think you should be admin: I think i should be admin because, the 2+ years i've been playing (i recently came back), i've seen a lot of team killers, griefers, mic spammers, delayers, etc, alot on the server in my playtime. And I think it makes the game very unfun, and makes the servers very toxic if moderators/admins favourite certain people doing these actions, or if moderators/admins just dont do anything about it. It makes the game unfun, and makes it to where i dont want to play anymore. So i want to be admin so i can help manage the servers daily, and make the community/servers fun for everyone. Because i for one, really enjoy playing on UGA, and just playing SCP:SL in general, and it's nice when there's no griefers and team killers on. I just want to be there so if someone isn't having a good time and reports it to me, or if i see someone teamkilling (or breaking any other rules) with no reason (that is, after me speaking to them first.) i can do something about it. I can tell that this community has been really worked hard on to make it fun and non toxic for players, and i admire that , so i just want to help out as much as i can to make more people wanna join the community!

  • Give me three scenarios you would use your admin in:
  • Scenario 1: If someone threw a nade in the elevator, I would ban them. On UGA servers, that is a instant ban.
  • Scenario 2: If someone was teamkilling. So if someone was teamkilling, i'd set us both to tutorial and ask them why they are teamkilling. If they say something that basically means they did it purposely, i would warn them. (if it was 1 or 2 people). If they continued and it was a bigger mass of people or the same 2 people over and over i would kick them. If someone was teamkilling for a reason, (such as accidental crossfire, or someone is griefing extremely) i would tell them to be more careful if their reason was crossfire, and if it was because of a griefer i would have them tell me their name, and i'd spectate them for a bit to see what they're doing then i would talk to that person if need be.
  • Scenario 3: If someone was mic spamming (high pitched on memes, or if they were mic spamming on RP music on intercom or etc,) i would warn them and if they continued i'd mute them. If someone was mic spamming and say it was allowed on the server as long as its not high pitched and someone told them to stop playing it and they continued anyway i would mute them if they continued to mic spam when other people have told them to stop. Or racial slurs, if a racial slur was directed at someone i would mute them because there is no excuse for racial slurs.

Also note, i would not have favoritism towards any members whether it be my friend, family, or etc, i will not show any favouritism to anyone. And also, i am active daily, so i'd be able to be on almost every day , and i would be able to be called on if needed.
And finally, thank you for reading my application, it is okay if i am not accepted, im not gonna be a baby about it, i just thought it was worth a shot. I'll still do my part as a member and try to report actual problems/issues i see.


Universal Admiral
I replied on your other application and will probably merge these two together, but you only have 3 messages in our Discord and need to be a lot more active in voice and in text if you want to be a moderator on our servers.