Carolus Rex Mod Application

Carolus Rex

Sector Supervisor
  • Your Name: Carolus Rex
  • Your Join Date: 2019-02-016 (18:49)
  • Your Last Promotion/Demotion Date: Honestly, I have no idea with all the roles being switched around and such
  • Do you use static voice channels or auto voice channels more often? Static Voice channels
  • When you are in AVC, are you in public voice channels or private voice channels more often? Public
  • If you have been a Discord moderator:
    Name three ways in which you have used your moderator powers or how you have resolved drama:
    • Example 1: I have used my powers latest in a major event in #politics-and-religion, helping out Zomb after members of UGA were targeting him and made the channel into a shitposting channel temporarily, I asked for it to be placed into slow mode so I could start issuing warnings to people who shitposted and gave them warnings to delete the memes verbally/in chat and if they did not then they would be warned. Shadoyama then after we put it in slow mode helped me issue warnings and mute the people who were disobeying the orders to delete the memes/stop shitposting.
    • Example 2: Memes and off-topic discussion in #general-text, happens usually every day, issue verbal/text warnings to people to knock it off to get them to post no memes and keep #general-text on topic.
    • Example 3: In Voice Chats when people raid and mic-spam, I help out here as when I'm in the voice channel I issue mutes and or warns to the person(s) who mic-spam and broke the rules. I have not been in a raid nor raided so I do not have any prior experience here.
    • NOTE- I was a mod back in September when my Incident with Tombstone happened, a now banned member of Unigamia, which is the reason why I am reapplying.