SCP:SL cat snack's SCP:SL mod application

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Planetary Ensign
  • Servers you play on the most: RP/MEMES
  • In-game name: 「cat snack」
  • Name of the Super/Senior Mod sponsoring you (you cannot ask): The Red Panda Prince (currently The Red Panda Elf due to holidays)
  • Discord ID (handle and ID): cat snack#6577
  • Age: 16
  • How many people have you invited to the server: 1
  • Why you think you should be admin: I've been playing for a while and with prior experience, and with a few suggestions from others, I decided to apply. I think that I can be useful to keep things organised when others aren't because I tend to like order so that I don't get a headache from being in a starting lobby. I also know the pain of getting teamkilled over and over without anything happening about it for a few rounds so I wanted to be able to stop that from happening. I also think I would be a good admin because I have a general sense of how to moderate, since I have done it before on another SCP:SL server, and moderate on one discord while I own another.
  • Give me three scenarios you would use your admin in:
    • Scenario 1: Simple one being if that there's an afk. If it's a person, simply despawn them, and spawn myself as their class if their class has any items to drop those items.
    • Scenario 2: If there is a teamkiller, have a sit with them while in tutorial. If they admit it was an accident and the victim agrees, then it's a warning. If they did it on purpose, or the victim and witnesses say it wasn't an accident, then they will be punished according to however many they've TK'd.
    • Scenario 3: If there is a reported person being disrespectful, find proof of this. If the proof is solid enough to warrant a punishment, get on and interrogate the person, and punish them accordingly.


Universal Admiral
The sponsorship system has been abolished, but your admin application is being bumped for the next Class E moderator wave.
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