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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by PatPeter, Oct 18, 2015.

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    Most of you, by the time you see this message, will have already noticed that I have drastically changed the format of TeamSpeak 3. Previously, we had 65 channels in TeamSpeak 3. This is more than a six-to-one ratio of channels to average number of active members on TeamSpeak 3 at a time. Today, I have brought that ratio down to four-to-one with 40 channels. I may further decrease the number of channels this coming week.

    It does not reflect well on the server when a user joins only to require scrolling down to see who is online, and furthermore be daunted by the number of channels in the TeamSpeak.

    Similarly with the forums, their greatest problem is complexity. We simply have too many forums with too many places for things to possibly go, leading people to not post on the forums at all.

    Now, I have always been a strong advocate of looking to the stars—of representing the organization we want to be with our channels and with our forums. Sadly, this has been greatly counter-productive.

    As of today, the Sovereignty Divisioning System is suspended. We will no longer have Universal Supremacies, Galactic States, or Planetary Commonwealths. Earthbound Civilizations and Research and Development are pending review of usefulness.

    I will work on making all of the changes to the forums when I wake up. Hopefully I will make the forums easier to use, and we will have a surge of posts after my changes are complete.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by PatPeter, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. Jiggy Pepper
    Surge of post come with a surge of members, Surge of members comes with a surge of teamspeak use. Most teamspeaks now-a-days have the games that is active among it's users. Teamspeak has been a reason we were able to recruit a few members at time at random. I.E. LukeCA/SlyCoop who came due to the Yu-Gi-Oh Channel. There have been other random people who joined due to other games such as CS/Dota/etc. A variety of channels offers insight into a community with each individual game being played.
  2. PatPeter
    I am not permanently removing game channels. We will add back in games when we decide how we want the new TeamSpeak to be structured. A lot of people said things like "game X needs more channels" or "game Y needs less channels" and I believe treating every channel like a Galactic State will work.

    In a way, you could say that @JiyaRe's structuring of the Galactic States was a good precursor to this.
  3. JiyaRe
    Firstly @PatPeter You best have made a backup for channel descriptions. I needed them.

    Secondly: I understand the need for a condensed teamspeak, and treating everything like a state is a great idea, however some games require more than one channel. (See: League of Legends. We have more than 5 people playing the game at a time at times.)

    As per the way I had -my- galactic states setup, There's an easy way to set the teamspeak up if you're willing to work along side me.

    I am currently at the Dentist's office, and once I am home from an extraction I will be fully willing to assist you.
  4. PatPeter
    Right... you probably don't have access to the Universal Supremacies/Galactic States archives. I'll give access to all Galactic Commanders.
  5. Jiggy Pepper
    Did you keep channel descriptions backed up?
  6. PatPeter
    Right... you probably don't have access to the Universal Supremacies/Galactic States archives. I'll give access to all Galactic Commanders.

    ^ Wrote this on Monday, just now posting it.

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