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Hello everyone,

During True April Resolution, I brought down the main Unigamia TeamSpeak 3 server and brought up a community server wherein all of the members who join the Universal Gaming Alliance before 2018 were eligible to become Server Admins. This invite was extended to every single person who quit the Universal Gaming Alliance over Easter weekend, as an olive branch to bring everyone back together again. However, this olive branch was thrown to the ground as they refused to rejoin despite being told that I would give them Server Admin on this new server.

I gave everyone 30 days to rejoin our new Community TeamSpeak and put aside this petty drama. In that time, we have undone the sin of trying to maintain a separate Discord and TeamSpeak 3 community, and have instead merged them together. As such, I have brought down the Community TeamSpeak and I have restored the Universal Gaming Alliance TeamSpeak that we've used for the past decade!

But I am not going to bring back the TeamSpeak without listening to the valid complaints of those who decided to leave our community. Since we have a new staff of Galactic Commanders, I have given Galactic Commanders all of the permissions that they wanted in the new TeamSpeak!
  • Ability to create channels anywhere in the TeamSpeak, not just under Earthbound Civilizations
  • Ability to create permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary channels
  • Ability to modify any channel in TeamSpeak
  • Ability to join any channel in TeamSpeak
  • Ability to create new server groups and channel groups
  • Icon Management, upload whatever icons you want for your server roles!
  • Ability to kick anyone from the server
  • Ability to ban anyone from the server
  • A Reserved Slot on the server
For those who still wanted Server Admin, we ran into 3 issues that precluded me from granting Server Admin on the old server:
  1. Client IP Address Visibility

    Several members of TeamSpeak 3 shared a valid concern of every Server Admin being able to see everyone else's IP address with middle mouse. One of our members was called up by his ISP and told that his connection was being DDoSed after he joined the splinter TeamSpeak 3 server. We want to avoid any possibility of distrust and suspicion in TeamSpeak 3 should someone else be DDoSed at their home.

  2. File Transfer Vulnerability

    With everyone being Server Admin, it was impossible for me to revoke File Transfer permissions. I disabled FTP years ago in TeamSpeak 3 because we no longer had enough people to moderate the FTP channels for illicit content. I do not want to leave a TeamSpeak 3 server up where there is a possibility of someone jumping on and uploading illegal malware or pornography, so I have kept all of the channels FTP locked. If you need any of the files from the Galactic Library, please contact me.

  3. Server Managability

    The old |UGA| server still existed alongside the new community server, albeit not in a public-facing manner. I would have had to use TeamSpeak's Server Query to manage the community server and add/modify any of the more complex things to TeamSpeak. Since it is much easier for me to manage TeamSpeak from the original |UGA| server, I switched back to the original server and granted our Galactic Commanders permissions in it.
Hopefully, these changes will ensure that we have no future drama related to TeamSpeak 3, and that we can put a lid on the events of the past month.


In Constitutional news, at the beginning of this month, I expanded Block Signaling to include Mute Signaling as well since they are essentially the same thing. If you have an issue with this, discuss it in the System Lieutenant's Lounge.

I have greatly expanded the Drama Article of the Constitution, elevating Procreation and Propagation of Drama and Past Drama so that it is clear what counts as a violation of each. I am completely done with people talking about others behind their backs in this community. We believe in Freedom of Speech because it allows you to freely speak your mind. If you have a problem with another member, either bring it up with him or her directly or report it on the forums so that a higher-up can deal with it. However, we curtail speech when that speech is being used to hurt other members.

For example, ragebaiting is an instance of Past Drama. Don't bring up if someone was demoted in SCP:SL or how someone did during his or her trial wave if the intent is to anger that individual. I know that personally, I have a very calm demeanor and I would say that I seldom get angry. However, if you bring up an incident where I was angry surprise, you'll make me angry. It's not fair to do this to any member of Unigamia.

Secondly, I have added the backlogged Unigamia announcement on making baseless accusations into the Constitution. Anyone threatening our organization that is open to all ages will be met with the most severe punishment; that includes both actual predators and false accusers.

Lastly, accusing other members of simping for other members is now prohibited. I created the girls' channel in Discord specifically as a bulwark against disproportionate male attention being directed at our female members. If, on top of that, we are going to call other members simps for hanging out with our female members (whose contemporary meaning is "someone idolizing mediocre pussy"), then we are creating a toxic environment that women will not want to be a part of. If you want to say someone is simping after a public figure or non-member of |UGA|, that is fine as a joke. However, do not accuse |UGA| members of simping after other |UGA| members. If you know both the guy and the girl and they both consider it in jest, that is acceptable.

Here are all the changes I've made to the Constitution today for peer review.
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