SCP:SL darkblooddrake admin app

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  • Applying for admin on server: scp Uigamia
  • In-game name: darkblooddrake
  • Name of the moderator (older than 30 days) sponsoring you: Roartex
  • Steam ID 64 (Link to 76561198129428501
  • Discord ID (name and hashtag):The last Praetor#5836
  • Age: 19
  • How many people have you invited to the server: 3 friends
  • Why you think you should be admin: i am on the server day in and day out watching and playing, and reminding people of the rules on the servers.
  • Give me three scenarios you would use your admin in:
    • Scenario 1: if someone is team-killing with info gathered but watching the player in game would confront and ban for the time set by others rules.
    • Scenario 2: if someone is found hacking ban for xxx time and make sure its hacking
    • Scenario 3: try to stop delaying the rounds for servers. so if a SCP got trapped in a room like 14-9 would ask if they want to end it and put them in a different room or in to seck.
please pardon any misspells i may have done
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