SCP:SL DivorcedYoda SCP:SL Application

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Applying for admin on the server: SCP: SL
In-game name: DivorcedYoda
Name of the Super/Senior Mod sponsoring you (you cannot ask): none
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:156865028
Discord ID (name and hashtag): Peanut/SCP-173#0173 <@587706160443031573>
Age: 19
How many people have you invited to the server: 1
Why you think you should be admin: I am very active,once I get off school I come home and play on this server almost everyday now,I have mod experience for discord servers and some games,and last but not least I try my hardest and will work hard to help my favorite server out.
Give me three scenarios you would use your admin in:
Scenario 1:Someone is hacking the server, I am unable to ban them so I call a top mod to ban him/her, once the top mod has banned he/her,i apologize to the casual players for the inconvenience.
Scenario 2: I see somebody TK or throw a grenade in an elevator,I make sure they know that is against the rules,if they didn't know i ban them for a day,if they did I ban them permanently.I respawn the people that were killed and apologize for the inconvenience.
Scenario 3: Somebody is being very toxic and rude to another player,the player asks them to stop,they continue,I step in and ask them to stop,after that if they continue I kick them,then if they continue ban them for an hour,then a day,then a week,and so on.
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not a mod, but four things I'd like to point out
1: you joined the discord literally this wednesday
2:your planetary ensign app says you're 19, your profile says otherwise
3:you obviously didn't read the rules, because if you did, you'd know how underqualified you are
4:to add to that, this isn't even the right channel
wait at the absolute mininum a month and try again, I doubt anyone will disagree with me on this


I can agree with speedy on this even if he is not a mod. I don't think anyone would sponsor you from this app and how you legit just joined discord is making you ineligible to become a mod. Please say your real age which should be 15 and from this app, you are NOT 19. The scenarios are not right but you shouldn't know the consequences of toxicity or a grenade tk in elevator. Please wait and play the server more, get to know the mods, and fix your app. So, in conclusion,

1. Fix your app
2. I haven't even seen you in-game yet or discord so please play more and get to know mods
3. Don't lie on the app or anywhere else which for right now is your age
4. Read the rules on discord and here to find how to qualify for mod
5. Get your app in the right location next time...


Universal Admiral
You only joined our Discord 3 days ago, so your application has been denied. I will re-open this application in 27 days and if you still want to be an SCP:SL moderator, reply to this thread.
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