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    • Applying for admin on server:SCP:SL #3 (RP), SCP:SL #5 (RP), SCP #2 (ERP)
    • In-game name: ☭Doc_Gibbs(Facility Janitor)
    • How many people have you invited to the server: I've played with one of my friends a bit but haven't had too much time with him.
    • Why you think you should be admin: I take the RP quite seriously and respect the rules quite strictly, but i am also quite forgiving and can understand if someone is new to the game, or didn't read the info for the server. I believe in fair justice which is why i would only punish those who are really pushing it, but i will also be strict about if the need arises, such as constant team killing or mic spam. I also really enjoy the server and am on it quite often, so i believe i could make a good mod as i have gained some wisdom from watching other mods do sits and talking to them. Lastly I like to be able to help people when someone is ruining all the fun such as a hacker or team killer, and i would like to be able to make people recommend the Unigamia servers and community as it is so amazing and unique that i would love to see it grow in the future.
    • Give me three scenarios you would use your admin in:
      • Scenario 1: The first scenario is when there is a modder, be that a modder who is wall hacking or flying around or just generally ruining peoples fun; and in serious cases actually threatening the server itself. This person would receive a ban from me and i would then relay a message to higher up people to get word out.
      • Scenario 2: If there is someone teamkilling constantly and being generally toxic, i would give them 2 maybe 3 warnings at most then i would kick them, if they rejoin and continue it would move to a ban.
      • Scenario 3: When someone is ruining all the fun for players by doing acts such as Mic Spam or calling people slurs that are either racist, sexist, or both. I have seen events like these first hand on both the server and others and would wish for me to be able to warn these people and then follow with a kick, and if they keep rejoining and repeating these actions, a ban.

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