SCP:SL Doug's SCP:SL Moderator application :)

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Servers you play on the most: MEMES, RP
In-game name: |UGA| doug
Steam ID 64: 76561198138018893
Discord ID (handle and ID): Benny#3085
Age: 18
How many people have you invited to the server: 1
Why you think you should be admin: SCP:SL is one of my favorite games of all time, and I want people to have the same great experience in the game that I did when I first started playing.
Give me three scenarios you would use your admin in:

Scenario 1: gotta go with the classic TK. no one likes having their experience ruined by a player who only wants to troll or is just an angry man, so I would first take the appropriate steps to make sure that the player is informed of the rules and warn them if it was on purpose, then if the problem persists, ban the player from our servers.

Scenario 2: you know what sucks? Not being able to hear your friends funny joke because someone is earraping you. that’s why I would make sure to inform the player of the server rules and if the problem persists, ban the player.

Scenario 3: hacking. Although hacking is rare in SCP:SL its definitely one of those things that makes you never wanna play the game again. I would make sure to record evidence and, I believe hacking is an instant ban so I would take the appropriate action and make sure the hacker gets banned.

I know in the past i've been a toxic player but i've come to the light and want to help the community grow

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This is a direct copy and paste of another mod's application word for word. If you have no effort to apply you shouldn't be a mod.

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Interstellar Commandant
Unfortunately due to your application being directly plagiarized from another application you will be indefinitely denied from joining the moderation team as this breaks the core values of our community itself.
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