SCP:SL Dudzid's SCP:SL's Admin applications


Servers I play on: ANARCHY, Memes, RP
I use Discord to play SCP:SL is (UGA)Dudzid#1809 / SAIC | GOgoewi221#1809 <@466352772514709525>
My age is 16
I have 3 scenario's

Scenario 1. In anarchy I love to troll like the good olé grenade in the lift. If I see some one that is not a admin in anyway and are flying I will ban them
With people getting past the anti-cheat I will 1. talk to them 2. Ban them Instantly or 3. Have a chat and kick as a warning.

Scenario 2. In memes I See a Team killer I 1. Tell them a warning 2. Kick or ban If they Leave 3. Chat and Leave them alone

Scenario 3. I a Hacker in RP I go to the tower teleport them to me and chat and If they leave or I don't believe them I Ban them or I will give a warning or a kick for a minute

These are the 3 Scenarios I should be a trial mod In SCP: SL
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I would like a Planetary Ensign for a Admin Application in SCP SL I don't know what to write

Ronald McDonald

Planetary Ensign
You have to be in the discord and have reached MEE6 lvl 5 and then you should see a planetary ensign application channel and youll do as that channel (should be in the pinned of that channel)


Spur Officer
you application was denied for this wave as you were not planetary ensign in discord if you would like to reapply again please reach level 5 in our discord and and apply for planetary ensign