Elevator Music Discord Mod Application

Elevator Music

Sector Supervisor
  • Your Name: Elevator Music
  • Your Join Date: 19/11/2018
  • Your Last Promotion/Demotion Date: 19/02/2022
  • Do you use static voice channels or auto voice channels more often? Static
  • When you are in AVC, are you in public voice channels or private voice channels more often? Public
  • If you have been a Discord moderator:
    Name three ways in which you have used your moderator powers or how you have resolved drama:
  • In situations where arguments have occured when people will not listen to warnings I have given them I mute them until they stop arguing
  • In situations where people have been spamming chats or saying racist/homophobic slurs I have text muted them and/or temp/perma banned them (depending on there previous offences)
  • In situations where people ear rape or join vcs to be dicks/gaslight I have banned them straight away without warning because they have just joined to cause trouble and be rude to people.