Former Structuring of the Galactic Command Center

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    We're bringing in some big changes to |UGA| to start off the month of September. I've begun to formally structure the Galactic Command Center so that members will have positions just like the Parliament of the Knights Templar Mercenaries. It has been a frequent complaint that there are too many Galactic Commanders, so now Galactic Commanders will be either heads of departments or

    Galactic Command Center
    • Head of Daytime Security - Fullmetal
    • Vice Head of Daytime Security - sQuirrelz
    • Survival Adventure State Commander - SpaceAce
    • Head of European Member Relations - White
    • Garry's Mod Supremacy Commander - Chopstick
    • Head of Event Planning - Happy Carrots
    • ARK: Survival Evolved Sovereignty Leader - Chariotman
    In addition, I have added three new groups to the TeamSpeak:
    • Spur Officer - A veteran group for longstanding members of |UGA|.
    • Parsec Surveyor - A recruiter group will be used when System Lieutenants outgrow their capacity to promote Earthbound Explorers to Planetary Ensigns, and instead these Surveyors will do that.
    • Obelisk Prison - A group that forces push-to-talk, back after popular demand.
    System Lieutenants will now have the permission to send chat messages in the Universal Gaming Alliance server chat. This should be used to see who wants to play a game without having to join every populated channel.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by PatPeter, Sep 5, 2016.

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    Cool beans, brother
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    pretty swag fam
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    What does "Head of Daytime Security" entail?
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    Head of European relations... like hitler?...
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    Yup, like hitler, past me.
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