SCP:SL Frank's SCP:SL Mod Application


Servers you play on the most: RP#3, RP#5, and, Memes.

In game name: [MGO]Crazyfrank555
Name of the Super/Senior Mod sponsoring you (you cannot ask): N/A

Steam ID 64: 76561197991509362

Discord ID: (Itami永久#1927)
Discord User ID: (561692523362254880)

Age: 16

How many people have you invited to the server: I have said over the intercom to join the discord and I honestly have no clue if they joined the server or not. I have also gotten 1 friend to play on the UGA servers. Also, I have invited two people to the server.

Why you think you should be admin: I want to help out the moderators a lot and enforce the rules for these servers because most of the time I would see rule breakers on RP#3, RP#4, and, memes. I can't help out at all and I feel useless while they're breaking the rules. Also, I want to enforce the rules and talk to the offenders why they were doing it. I want to make the community to be safe, friendly, and, help out new players and the people who forgot the rules. If I was a spectator and I saw if someone was struggling I would go out of my way and help them out even if I was a class that was doing things. I would drop all of what I was doing and help out the new player.

Give me three scenarios you would use your admin in:
Scenario 1: Say if there is a guy being disrespectful and saying the hard r and it's directed towards another person; I would bring multiple witnesse(s) and try to talk too them. He/She that had reported it and see if they saw it happening. If the witness said "I didn't hear it" or, "I did hear it." I would thank them and return them back to where they were in the map. Then, I would bring the offender and the victim to the tower and say "Hey, would you like to explain too me why you were being disrespectful towards the other player?" If they lie, I would say, "I had a witness report it. They saw it. Would you like me to bring them in here?" If they say yes, I would. But if they lie, I would give them a verbal warning. If they do it again and again, I'll just mute. If I can't mute I'll ban the offender for 15 minutes.

Scenario 2: Say someone would be AFK as a D Class, Scientist, or, an SCP. I would de-spawn them and become that class or I would ask if anyone wanted to be that afk persons class and I would give it to them.

Scenario 3: Say if someone was a teamkiller, I would go to the ban requests first find out who did it go to the server immediately see if they are doing it if the spectators saying it was he/she that killed multiple of them, I would bring the offender into the tower and say "Hey, you're going to be banned for the (x) amount of days. Because you teamkilled. If you join the server, you could fill out the unban request and your ban will be looked at and it will be shorter." If they lie, I would then say "You're lying straight to my face, you're going to be banned." Say if there is cross fire, I would bring the witnesses, the offender, and the victim to the tower. If the witnesses said it was cross fire and the offender and also the victim I would bring them back to wherever they were. No punishment. But if the victim did it on purpose with the offender, I would give them a punishment.

Scenario 4: SCP suicide. I would teleport the player and say hey "why did you suicide?" If they ran into the tesla gate by accident at the start of the round I would respawn them. If it's 10 minutes into the game I wouldn't respawn them. If they did it on purpose I would give them a verbal warning. If they did it again and again, I would teleport them to the tower. I would talk to them and give them a warning If they leave during mid-talk I would ban for 1 day.
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