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These rules apply to every forum on this website:
  1. Follow the Constitution.
  2. No double-posting. Please edit your post if you forgot something. However, bumping a thread of yours is allowed to garner the attention of those who have participated in it is allowed, but with a five (5) day minimum wait time from the last post.
  3. Necroposting is always allowed. This includes bumping.
  4. Please do not quote others messages when you are replying to them. Use the @ followed by the username to notify people of replies. Quote when you need to reply to a message line-by-line or from another thread.
  5. Your forum name must match the following requirements:
    • Name must be permanent (think carefully of the name you want to use before registering).
    • Name may not use special characters or punctuation.
    • Name may not be more than 27 characters long.
    • Name must have proper capitalization, i.e. PatPeter, not pAtpeTer.
    • Name cannot have numbers or symbols in place of letters.
    • Name cannot have ranks; for instance, military or social ranks.
    • Name cannot break the Mission Statement, Core Values, or Laws.
    • Name cannot resemble a previous |UGA| member's name.
    • Name changes must be sanctioned by the Supercluster Council.
    • Name changes do not guarantee that other members will call that member by the new name.
These are rules that apply to |UGA| as a whole:
  1. Every user's TeamSpeak 3 description must have his/her forum profile URL in it.
  2. Every channel description must be posted on the forums and kept up-to-date with the channel description.
  3. Do not mass exodus a channel to avoid one person. If that person is doing something wrong, kick him/her.
  4. Do not move someone out of a channel as a punishment. Either kick the person out of channel or kick the person from the server.
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