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    Servers you play on the most: Memes, and ERP
    In-game name: Highland C O W
    Name of the Super/Senior Mod sponsoring you (you cannot ask): None yet
    Steam ID 64:<your Steam ID here> 76561198880508104
    Discord ID (handle and ID): Highland C O W#2819
    Age: 16
    How many people have you invited to the server: I have invited 3 people
    Why you think you should be admin: I'm willing to devote most of my time into making sure that the servers of Unigamia are under control, and enjoyable. I would also be able to lighten the load of the other Moderators/Admins, so they can enjoy their time on the server and not have to deal with rule breakers as often.
    Give me three scenarios you would use your admin in:
    Scenario 1: Stopping hackers; I would make sure to stop hackers right in their tracks, to make the server more enjoyable, and not have to worry about those pesky hackers.
    Scenario 2: Stopping elevator grenadiers; Elevator Grenadiers are becoming a little bit more common, and ruins everyone's experience on Unigamia servers. If I were a mod, I would make sure that the person doing it will be punished.
    Scenario 3: Helping new people that doesn't mean to break the rules, by that I mean making sure when I warn the new player (Depends on how bad it was.) tell him what he did wrong, and make sure he reads the info of the server.
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