Introducing the Fourth Supercluster Council!


Universal Admiral
On September 19th, it was my honor to introduce to you... our Fourth Supercluster Council!

Let me introduce you to your new Supercluster Commodores!

First, from the 2008 era of |UGA|, we have Raxor! Raxor joined the Universal Gaming Alliance in 2008 as a member of the Knights Templar Mercenaries, and he has been with us ever since. From CSS to L4D2 to Minecraft, Raxor has been here for it all. In addition, Raxor was actually a member of the First Supercluster Council, and has been a constant source of good advice and council in running Unigamia. Raxor continues to give me great ideas on how to manage our server to this day. Welcome to the Council!

Second, from the 2010 era of |UGA|, we have Adam! Adam joined us after we met on Empires, and ever since he has been one of the best moderators in our community. Adam was a member of the Second Supercluster Council, and guided our community through the the first phrase of our sectarianism between two groups in TeamSpeak 3. Since merging the TeamSpeak 3 and Discord communities, Adam has been a hawk in looking out for rule-breaking in our text channels, many times catching it before I would. Welcome to the Council!

Third, from the 2014 era of |UGA|, we have Chariotman! Chariot joined as a Garry's Mod moderator, one of the most mature moderators to come out of Magnets and Waffles. Since then, he spear-headed our ARK: Survival Evolved server and community, and has always been eager and willing to learn new things, from the forums to Discord to Dyno. Chariot has long been an advocate for our sovereignty system, and will be instrumental in adding new games to the Unigamia ecosystem. Welcome to the Council!

Fourth and finally, from the 2018 era of |UGA|, we have Ortum! Ortum has been instrumental in making |UGA| what it is today. The reason that this Supercluster Council exists is solely as a result of his hard work; he went through our entire roster and discovered all of the members of Unigamia who needed to be promoted, and promoted them. I would not have finished the Roster code if it weren't for him, and for that I will always be grateful. He is spearheading our Nexus Initiative, bringing about a new era in |UGA| and erasing the scars of our past. Welcome to the Council!

Thank you to all of you for your commitment to this community, and let's end the year on a high note!