Meeting May 8th, 2020 Demotion Ceremony


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One of the biggest issues with restructuring the ranking structure of |UGA| was that there were already Public Text Moderators (the rank that was supposed to be for Galactic Commanders) who do not qualify for Galactic Commander, but who were promoted to Spur Officers last week. I am now grandfathering in these members as Quadrant Commandants with official promotions! Please congratulate them!

Quadrant Commandant Promotions
@Craz#9334 <@239585256578088961>
@LostInMyThoughts#0002 <@317968443460812800>

As I mentioned last week, we promoted many users to Spur Officer in the old ranking system so that there would be no unconstitutional jump promotions, but this now necessitates demotions for our newly promoted Spur Officers down to Parsec Surveyor. So please

Parsec Prefect Demotions
@Thatdudejerry#8678 <@203988614441336832>
@Xeloro#6061 <@207590785095303170>
@BROKEN#2939 <@318590355362676736>
@columbus#7608 <@340775834942177280>
@!GhostBirdLary[Cowman911]#1290 <@315989094088048642>
@pigloover101#7744 <@186562400764428298>
@DotSpecific#6240 <@395046989668286466>
@TheBlade#7853 <@351402712052793345>
@dont@me#4974 <@389495745884979202>
@Edger105#5448 <@434858889591128064>
@Lucid#2012 <@237386955703189506>
@thegamingskye#9053 (Juicebox) <@195983141792382976>
@Clashknight90#8422 <@413962060267782164>

I have permanently removed the "Event Leader" role and renamed it back to Sector Supervisor, to be used in the |UGA| ranking structure. As such, I had to remove 4 users from it. I am still deliberating about what to do with the "@community-Leader" role.
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It's in the briefcase buried by the beach. You can find it marked with two coconuts with two smaller coconuts below them and a very long banana.