Planetary Ensign
Servers you play on the most: MEMES
In-game name: [MGO]Crazyfrank555 OR |UGA| TheMarijewuanaMan
Steam ID 64: https://steamid.io/lookup/<76561197991509362>
Discord ID (handle and ID): Halo 3#7521 323852092361932801
Age: 18
How many people have you invited to the server: I dont have a clue in the past I said on the intercom to come and join UGA and today I invited 1 person to the server if that counts.
How many in-game hours do you have: 534.2
Why you think you should be admin: To help out the staff team because I they have to deal with mic spammers who think they are telegrams in WW1, people's rudeness, people who alt+tab etc.
Give me three scenarios you would use your admin in:
Scenario 1: If someone threw an elevator grenade and killed 10 to 20 people I would immediately ban them for a day or a month and log it and wait for a subsuper to extend the ban.
Scenario 2: When someone says racial slurs to a person in game I would put them into a sit or tell the spectator chat that it isn't allowed. If they continue to do it, I would give them a ban for one hour. If they LTAP then it's a day ban.
Scenario 3: SCP teaming: I would give a broadcasted warning saying "Teaming is not allowed" before I punished someone. Second, If they proceed to team anyways, I would jail both users in question and give them warnings. Thirdly, If they continuously to do it even after warning, I would set them to spectator because it is allowed.
Scenario 4: Camping: If I see someone camping like Anne Frank in the 1940s, I would give a broadcasted message saying "Camping is not allowed". When the person ignores this rule, I would warn and jail the person in question.
Scenario 5: Griefing: When a teammate closes a door on there other teammate trying to get them intentionally killed by the enemy team I would immediately pull the griefer into the tower and give him a warning on not to do it again.