Announcement November Updates and New Punishment Policy

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To continue my policy of posting an update thread every other month, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

First, the Supercluster Council is still suspended, and the Galactic Commander has been reinstated and slashed by two-thirds in size. Galactic Commanders will only be appointed for moderation purposes only, instead of for leading a sovereignty.

Second, the maximum allowed ban is for Galactic Commanders is 6 hours. This ban is only allowed after 1 warning to cease and desist offensive behavior.

Third, I am keeping Channel Admins in the positions that they are and changing their role in TeamSpeak to be more significant. Channel Admins cannot set passwords anymore. As above, an offending member must be given 1 warning to cease and desist offensive behavior. If the member disobeys, he/she will be added to the Channel Banned group and kicked from the channel.

Fourth, we will no longer be giving day+ long bans. We have now had two three day bans where the offense was minor (only worth a few hours), but the punishment was based on the subjective circumstances surrounding the victim. Therefore, we will not be issuing day-long bans anymore.
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Looks like this needs updating, all but 2 people are now GC and there are a few other changes not documented
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