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I have a very important announcement to make... OUR FORUMS ARE NOW OFFICIALLY UPGRADED!!!

I've spent a lot of money and a lot of time upgrading these forums, finding a new theme, and upgrading all our addons, so please try to log in! If you have never logged into our forums, try to make a new account.

At the very least, I have ONE request for all of you:

Please post a new thread in General Discussions/Media Discussions/Gaming Discussions

It would mean a lot to me if the forums became active again, so register if you aren't registered and post if you haven't posted yet!

If you already have a Steam account but you haven't linked your Steam account to the forums, please do so here:

It aggregates how many hours we've spent in each game, so we can have a leaderboard for most popular game in Unigamia!

Also, I fixed the exploit pings in #*-lfg channels. Players can no longer @everyone or @here spam in those channels.
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