SCP:SL Mod App

Naruto Uzumaki

  • Servers you play on the most: ERP, Memes
  • In-game name: Naruto Uzumaki
  • Steam ID 64: 76561198995665499
  • Discord ID (handle and ID): RyanxNight#1549
  • Age: 13
  • How many people have you invited to the server: like 2
  • Why you think you should be admin: Ive been a mod/admin on 4 servers which the biggest one is Kings SCP Playground, And that im experienced of being a mod/admin so i know what im doing.
  • Give me three scenarios you would use your admin in:
    • Scenario 1: If someone says the N word or if its in a song i will ask people if they know who it was but if i know i will just contact someone and ask how long i should ban them for and then ban them.
    • Scenario 2: Mute people who mic spam on the death chat or the intercom but i will warn them first.
    • Scenario 3: if someone leaves while im talking to them about mic spam or something i will tell other staff to watch out about them and i will give them his steam id.


Requirements for SCP: Secret Laboratory:
  • YOUR NAME as it is displayed in-game or in Discord must be in the title of your thread!
  • You must have been in the Discord for a period of 2 WEEKS after your join date before applying for SCP:SL moderator. Go into our #bots channel to check. Type ?whois YourDiscordHandle. Applications sent before 1 month has passed will be rejected.
  • You have to join our Discord (
    • You must have a microphone.
    • You must be in VoIP whenever moderating on the server. In preparation, you should be in VoIP while you are regularing the server.
  • You have to be a regular on the Discord. This means that you've regularly participated in voice chat and text chat (voice chat highly preferred).
  • You must have an avatar on the forums that matches or is similar to your avatar/profile picture in Discord.
  • Before posting an application, you must apply for Planetary Ensign in the #join-unigamia channel.
You don't meet the age requirements, nor are you in the discord