SCP:SL SCP:SL RyanJ Application


  • Servers you play on the most: RP#3, MEMES#4, RP#5

    I know it says this UGA forum account was just made, but my first ever warns/time on the server was a year/two years ago.

  • In-game name: RyanJ

  • Steam ID 64: 76561198362614358

  • Discord ID (handle and ID): RyanJ#0023 (678295882260676639)

  • Age: 16 (In a few days!) 5/18/2004

  • How many people have you invited to the server: 7-8 people through my entire year.

  • Why you think you should be admin: I strive to bring the best out of a community through determination and loyalty, I push myself to benefit the community 24/7; focusing on the community is the first thing i'd do as an official staff member/admin. I use honest work and respect to truly moderate servers and I feel that with those skills I could greatly benefit the SCP:SL moderation team as an entire whole. I'm also a good pick for staff because of my intent to learn and intent of acting properly and when I need to.

  • Give me three scenarios you would use your admin in:
    • Scenario 1: ( Illegal Killing)- in other words ( D-class KOS, TK, MTF on Sci.) A pretty common scenario within the game I'd use my abilities/power to instantly read the logs and start a sit with the the person that broke this rule. By going into the jail as a tutorial for a sit I'd be able to get in full detail what happened so I could better my log/report to have factual evidence and reasoning on the punishment/verdict.
    • Scenario 2: (Hacking/Exploits) As any staff would do in, I'd instantly ban this hacker/exploiter due to it being against SCP:SL rules and Unigamia Rules, of course I'd look for information and make sure this person was actually hacking and wasn't being accused.

    • Scenario 3: (SCP on purpose self termination) A lot of people do this within the game, and I'd of course use my powers to warn the person breaking this rule as well as re spawning them in or someone else that wants to play as that SCP and make the game more fun.