Spring 2018 Restructuring and Constitutional Convention

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    Hello everyone and happy spring,

    I meant to get this announcement out on April 1st after I returned from the wedding, but of course I let the month get away from me and here we are almost in May.

    As many of you know, our SCP: Secret Laboratory servers skyrocketed in popularity so much so that we had 4 up with 25/25 players each over the weekend. We've brought almost a dozen new recruits into the Discord and with Halo Online becoming more popular, I hope that we can begin recruiting there as well. I have high hopes for @Shooster117 as a sovereignty leader to that end and I'll be working with him to see what I can do with hosting servers.

    And now for the biggest announcement. When I abolished the Supercluster Council three years ago, I said that I would only bring back the Council when we began recruiting again. That day has come. With a fresh supply of new recruits, I am reinstating the very first Supercluster Council from 8 years ago as we approach our 10 year anniversary, consisting of:
    • Fullmetal
    • Raxor
    • Squirrel
    • SpaceAce
    Please give them a warm congratulations. Now for the bad news. The Galactic Command Center currently consists of (excluding the new Supercluster Commodores, all of which were Galactic Commanders):
    • Dejha Seo
    • shoosteR
    • SuperND
    • White
    • Chopstick
    • Dark
    • Happy Carrots
    • Chariot
    One of the two requirements for Galactic Commander was to recruit two members. Accounting for the active GCs (6), if two members had been recruited for each then we should have a dozen members.

    The position of Galactic Commander is not a popularity contest; it is a role with duties and responsibilities. As such, I am abolishing the current Galactic Command Center. Only System Lieutenants who show that they are actively recruiting will be eligible for the Galactic Commander position.

    If you want the Spur Officer position, please reply to this thread to confirm that you are active.

    In May, I plan to have a Constitutional Convention. Please read our Constitution and consider what about it you agree with or disagree with.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by PatPeter, Apr 23, 2018.

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  1. White
    Good luck with your SCP clan
  2. Shooster117
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  3. Sox207
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  4. PatPeter
    @White If you're saying that then it means you have 0 faith in @Shooster117's ability to recruit in Halo, or anyone else's ability to recruit for that matter.

    If you don't like SCP recruits, then why don't you try recruiting in a different game? Maybe PUBG?
  5. Happy Carrots
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  6. Happy Carrots
    Instead of the illusion of a community that you are trying to make by making one retired (Raxor), one not very active (sQuirrelz) and one even less active than that (Fullmetal) members admin, (Not that I am flaming for not being active, there's nothing wrong with not playing computer games all the time) and then continuing by saying "After meeting with the Supercluster Commodores and the current admins,.." when a member of the "Supercluster Commodores" has testified that you have not asked to review any specific admin applications, just admit that whatever makes your servers populated is the thing you will prioritize over members who sink their time into the 'community' (Case A: White: One of the oldest members (2009) of the server no longer has powers. Case B: All still-active Garry's Mod recruits from 2014 being demoted from any form of power). It's okay if you just want to be eGo.
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  7. PatPeter
    So @Happy Carrots, who helped you write that post?

    Raxor just moved countries and had to disassemble his gaming PC to do it, and Fullmetal was just on his honeymoon. Jesus dude give them a break.

    You speak of seniority later on, but Raxor and Fullmetal were members of the very first Supercluster Council. Fullmetal joined in the first month of |KTM| and Raxor the second, both in 2008 might I add. I don't know what you mean by Squirrel being inactive, since I see him playing games every other day.

    Issue #1 brought forth to the Supercluster Council set specific age requirements on being admins on |UGA| servers. The Supercluster Council set the age limit, and that age limit dictates who is accepted and who isn't accepted.

    I never said the admin applications were individually reviewed by the Supercluster Commodores. Why would I ask the Supercluster Commodores to judge the admin applications of people they have never met? That would be idiocy.

    No, I have a mandate from the Supercluster Council that I will uphold.

    Just admit that you're still angry over having your Galactic Commander removed.

    Let me tell you the story of Darth Gastrofizzy the Wise. I remember it like it was yesterday; I was walking along the glass world ceiling in our Minecraft server, building things in creative mode, when Gastrofizzy decided to demand that I give him Galactic Commander. Why, I asked? Well, he said that since he had been in |UGA| for a full 2 years, that based solely on his veterancy he was entitled to be Galactic Commander. Of course, I didn't give into his demands and then he quit because of it.

    Now, what has happened since I removed all of the Galactic Commanders?

    @Shooster117 has recruited one person off of Halo: Online.
    @chopstick has helped me fix the Garry's Mod server, so that hopefully we can start playing on it again.
    @Chariotman has created a |UGA| guild in World of Warcraft and recruited one person.

    All acts of great creation require acts of great destruction.

    So let me ask you, Happy Carrots, what makes you deserving of Galactic Commander?

    What have you done?

    It's also so interesting to see you type 'community' with so much disdain that you put it in airquotes. Where else have I seen that?

    We are a gaming community. Every video game is, by nature, a time-sink. How is doing what you would already do, with or without the community, virtuous behavior?

    As I addressed above, you can't make the argument that seniority is the sole reason someone should have power, after saying that three of our Supercluster Commodores don't deserve to have their positions.

    As I addressed above, several of the Garry's Mod recruits will be given their Galactic Commander positions back; the ones who deserve it.

    And it's okay if you didn't even know what eGO was until you posted this reply.
  8. Blue
    Ill give this the first like
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