Minecraft Starlight's Minecraft Moderator Application


Supercluster Commodore
  • Have you moderated a Minecraft CraftBukkit/Spigot server before? No I have not, but I find it quite easy to pick up things and learn them, so I would hopefully be able to learn how to use the moderation tools quite easily.

  • Minecraft Handle:Starlight624

  • Discord ID:Starlight#7902

  • Age:15

  • Why you think you should be a moderator. I feel as if I should become a moderator because I enjoy playing the game especially with this community. However on the pure vanilla server I took small breaks because people would steal my items or even destroy parts of the base I was living in. I do not want this happening anymore on any of our servers, so I would moderate to prevent this from happening, even if that meant I would not be able to play the game normally myself. But moderating shouldn’t be about yourself, it should be about the community and I think I would be able to drastically help the community.

  • Three scenarios you would use your moderating powers in

    • I would spectate suspects to see if they are using any sort of hacked clients or anything that might give them an unfair advantage in the game. (This would include but is not limited to: reach, kill aura, any form of Xray hacks, Bhops and auto build). I have previously played on servers where a lot of people used these hacks, so I am used to what they look like from a spectators point of view.

    • If someone was stealing another person's items from the players chests, I would request the thief put the items back in the chest, or I would do it myself and then punish the thief with the proper punishment that is justified in that situation.

    • When a player has had a base griefed, I would request the griefer repair their base on their own without the base-owners help(unless the base-owner said otherwise) and if they do not follow those orders I will punish them, and then do the repairs myself without using OP to help repair the base.
If you have any questions or notice any mistakes feel free to contact me to let me know.