TeamSpeak 3 or Discord?

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    We've reached a tipping point as a community where there is a clear rift

    TeamSpeak 3 Pros/Discord Cons
    1. Has channel descriptions and the ability to create channel-specific rules and images
    2. Channels can have icons
    3. Players can have game icons
    4. Two active chat channels at a time: server chat and channel chat, though server chat is seldom used since being enabled for normal users
    5. Voice encryption is controlled by our server, and is therefore more trustworthy, but chat is not encrypted
    6. TeamSpeak can have many more channels without looking very cluttered
    7. TeamSpeak has a more advanced permissioning system
    8. TeamSpeak has 6 different codecs: Speex Narrowband, Speex Wideband, Speex Ultra-Wideband, CELT Mono, Opus Voice, and Opus Music with 10 levels of quality
    9. TeamSpeak is an FTP/File Storage but the permissions are so bad that you cannot delete your own files. Whoever can delete files can delete ALL files
    10. TeamSpeak has a Master Volume slider.
    11. TeamSpeak doesn't show previews so that we can link this.
    12. TeamSpeak can have larger avatars than Discord, 300x300, and explicit images in the avatar.
    13. TeamSpeak has custom skins.
    14. TeamSpeak has custom sound packs.

    Discord Pros/TeamSpeak Cons
    1. Web interface that gets more paranoid users to use Discord before installing app
    2. Voice channels are separate than chat channels
    3. Friends list is active and not passive, so you can see which of your friends is online any server
    4. Both voice and chat is encrypted
    5. Messages have a thumbnail preview
    6. Ability to edit message after sending it
    7. Broad choice of emotes
    8. Automatically moves AFK members to AFK channel
    9. Can easily switch between Discords
    10. Server Permissions and Channel permissions are different so that there cannot be permission conflicts
    11. Easier to recruit players!
    If you can think of any other reasons why TeamSpeak 3 is better than Discord or vice versa, please put them in a reply.

    Regardless, all members are required to vote with a reply as to whether they want to keep using TeamSpeak 3 or switch to Discord on a scale of:

    I strongly prefer TeamSpeak 3 — I prefer TeamSpeak 3 — No preference — I prefer Discord — I strongly prefer Discord
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by PatPeter, Dec 2, 2016.

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  1. Happy Carrots
    I vote Discord so retards who mute themselves and don't move into an afk channel actually get moved to an afk channel.
  2. Space Ace
    Teamspeak 3. Because I fucking hate discord so much, I would do absolutely nothing if Discord won.
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  3. zombieking7977
    I personally believe that Skype is the most supreme form of communications and that is what we should use.
    Skype Pros-
    Better than discord and teamspeak
    Is the best communications platform.
    Lets you see linked images and videos

    Skype Cons-

    I strongly prefer Skype and that is the only one that should be prefered
  4. SuperND
    I completely agree lol
  5. Sox207
    I vote ts3, the ui sucks but i still like teamspeak Discord has a bunch of stuff i wish teamspeak had But my vote is teamspeak.
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  6. Lenis
    I prefer TeamSpeak 3
  7. sQuirrelz
    Prefer Discord. Only used it once but thats what people are using now. Nobody really wants to download ts3, so we won't get anyone new.
  8. Yoshi
    TeamSpeak3, prefer it 100%. Can have the group chat on global but also private. On Discord it's all global
  9. PatPeter
    Officially, Discord is being used for Dead by Daylight and posting links.

    TeamSpeak 3 is still officially used for everything else.
  10. kagnarok
    discord is the best for shitposting, so discord wins my vote. it is also easier to archive stuff in server dedicated channels IE: to specific things like this
  11. hero
    I say discord. Been using it for almost 6 months now. Better than teamspeak, ventrilo, and skype. I think Zombie King is just trolling.
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