Announcement The Fifth Biennial Constitutional Convention Has Begun!

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Universal Admiral
Hello everyone and thank you from the bottom of my heart to each of you that took part in the 10-Year Anniversary Festivities!!! I'm glad that it brought the community together in many ways but also sad that it fractured the community in others. Regardless, here's to another 5, 10, however many years of the Universal Gaming Alliance! Hoorah!

And now, without further ado, I am putting into motion the Fifth Biennial Constitutional Convention! For those who do not know, our governing document as an organization is located here:

However, whenever there is a change in leadership or structure, the Constitution must be edited and re-ratified with a majority of active Unigamia members present at that time. Things that need to be considered during this Constitutional convention:
  • What should the role of Galactic Commanders be? Is sovereignty leadership a requirement?
  • How many tiers will be in our system with the additions of Spur Officer? 6? 7?
  • What should the requirements for System Lieutenant and other roles be?
  • What are our Core Values?
In order to take part in these discussions, you must be a member or recruit of Unigamia. Please keep discussions poignant and productive. The Convention will go on until we have a new Constitution!
Not open for further replies.