Announcement The Third Annual Co-Optober Has Begun!

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Hello @everyone!

I didn't want to get everyone pumped up at the beginning of the week, where we probably wouldn't have played any games and would have lost momentum, but I am happy to announce that the Third Annual Co-Optober has begun! Every October, we try to play all of the Halloween-themed cooperative games we know of, along with any other cooperative games.

As tradition dictates, we try to play every Left 4 Dead/2 campaign in order
  1. No Mercy
  2. Crash Course
  3. Death Toll
  4. Dead Air
  5. Blood Harvest
  6. The Sacrifice
  7. The Last Stand
  8. Dead Center
  9. The Passing
  10. Dark Carnival
  11. Swamp Fever
  12. Hard Rain
  13. The Parish
(Cold Stream doesn't count)

We also used to play all the maps in Killing Floor 1, but now we've started playing Killing Floor 2, which we will be playing this weekend.

If you can think of any cooperative games that you would like to play as well (it doesn't have to be Halloween-theme), I have renamed #gaming-discussion to #co-optober. Please share your suggestions there!

The Constitutional Convention is suspended for the month of October, and we will resume in November.
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