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Gentlemen, and m'ladies. How are you doing on this euphoric evening? Welcome to Flappy Fedora the game that finally represents my unique style and represents how I feel about life in general. And you m'ladies out there who love an alpha male like me and want to be rescued from the neanderthalic baiters out there on the internet. Don't let them talk down to you like that. Let a gentlemen show you-.

Man you guys don't even know what it's like to live my life, to be who I am, to be burdened by my intellect. My level of intelligence, trying to find a peer to debate with is just impossible. So all you ladies out there remember next time you want a fashionable man, look up a man such as me. Stylisticly speaking, I am going to be your best bet going into the future. Just remember, I've got style, class, and a mind that would eclipse yours any day. Because, as an alpha male, I am at the top of the food chain. I am at the top of the intellectual pool, and I'm always willing to come to the defense of you ladies on the internet.

People out there can be rather- all those beta males who just want to get into your pants, I want to know you on an emotional level. I want to know who you are on the inside. No, not in a dirty way. I will defend you 'til the ends of the earth because I am a gentleman. Gentlemen, because I respect women so much I have tons of female friends, but if you want to be just my friend that's not okay.

You should recognize me for the gentleman, and rather attractive person that I am. I've got a lot of style and I've got a lot going for me. I am technologically savvy, incredibly intelligence, and obviously I'm good at video games, so maybe you should just give me a trance. DAMMIT JUST GIVE ME A CHANCE.

So maybe you should just stop jerking around the nice guys and stop putting me in the nice guys category anyway. Just because I come to the defense of women doesn't make me a nice guy. You know, I'm a sexy, attractive guy both on the outside and on the inside. I am a catch, no matter how you spin it, I'm an alpha male. I'm super intelligent.

Just because I haven't done anything with my life doesn't mean I'm not going to. I'm very intelligent, I'm just not motivated enough. If I actually start putting my brilliant mind to use, you guys would see that I'm really the best one out there. I'm the best catch. You can't get any better than me, not with those neanderthalic dumb bros that you like to hang out with there ladies.

You know, they're not better than me. Look at me! Just look at me! What's wrong with me? Why you got to be going out with anyone else, I mean you know I'm always going to be there for you. You don't have to keep putting me in the friend zone. Not like the friendzone actually exists, I mean it kind of does, I mean you gotta admit it, I mean you ladies- m'ladies kind of... Be fashionable, be fashionable.

So just at the end of the day just understnad that I'm on your side but if you don't treat me right I'm not going to be on your side anymore. I'm not going to come to your defense when you need me the most, I'm not going to be your shoulder that you're going to cry on when your boyfriend is bad to you oh no no.

But you need me to understand that I'm going to be there for you every day. I'm going to be there for you all the time. I'm going to be there when you need me the least. I'm going to be there inside your house. I'm going to be inside your house. I'm going to be in your windows watching to make sure you're safe when you sleep. I'm going to be in your closet just to make sure I'm always there when you need me. I'm going to be in the shower just to help wash your back if you need it.

So just come on give me a chance I'm like your best friend, we're best friends just give me a chance. I swear if you don't I'm going to- m'lady m'lady euphoria! It's an awfully euphoric day don't you think. Just give me a chance EUPHORIA EUPHORIA. JUST GIVE ME A CHANCE, I'M AN ALPHA MALE, I'M VERY INTELLIGENT, AHHHHHHH.