Announcement Total Restructuring of Unigamia Ranks


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Hello everyone,

For the past two years, I tried to maintain |UGA| as both a TeamSpeak 3 community and a Discord community. The TeamSpeak 3 members held the ranks of Supercluster Commodore and Spur Officer, while Discord members held the ranks of System Lieutenant and Planetary Ensign. My plan was, as TeamSpeak 3 members became active on Discord, I would promote them to Galactic Commander. Sadly, no matter what changes I made to Discord, I could not get the TeamSpeak 3 community to move into Discord. Maintaining both Discord and TeamSpeak 3 as separate communities was unconstitutional. It was factioning. It had to end.

In this regard, the events of Easter Weekend have been a blessing. There is no longer a TeamSpeak 3 community separate from the Discord community. We are all one community now. I made many hacks to appease the TeamSpeak 3 community, such as the creation of the @public-text-moderator and @public-voice moderator roles which were stand-ins for Galactic Commander and Spur Officer (so that they would not feel usurped by the new Discord members), but no longer will we add hacks into our ranking structure. For our first major change:

The Supercluster Council is hereby disbanded.

Five years ago I disbanded the Galactic Command Center when it was no longer fulfilling its purpose of recruiting new members and creating new sovereignties. The purpose of the Supercluster Council was to lead the TeamSpeak 3 community, in addition to giving me advice and consent on integrating |UGA| into Discord. Now that |UGA| has been fully integrated into Discord, the purpose of the Supercluster Council has been fulfilled. A new council will be formed once we have need of it to manage the Discord proper. The current Supercluster Commodores will become Galactic Commanders.

My biggest failure in |UGA| as it stands now, apart from the damage to the ranking structure as a result of the TeamSpeak 3/Discord divide, is the neglect of the |UGA| ranking structure. I should have been holding Promotion Ceremonies at least every month, but I always prioritized coding for SCP:SL, maintaining SCP:SL servers, or hosting community nights to keep the community together. We need to come together as a community now more than ever, to be here for each other during these turbulent times.

Starting May 1st, I will hold a promotion ceremony every single Friday, until I can delegate promotions to other members.

With the completion of the Hierarchies bot, it is now possible to promote users at lightning fast speed. I will soon make it where promotions in the bot automatically reflect in the Roster on the website. The Roster has always been the bottleneck for promotions. Many of you are System Lieutenants, but I've lost the time at which you were promoted to System Lieutenants. This isn't fair for you not to be able to see your promotion history. Also, because System Lieutenant promotions became so rare, there was essentially no difference between Planetary Ensigns and System Lieutenants. Our hierarchy must be destroyed and rebuilt if we are to move forward as a community. Therefore, it is my honor to announce to you, the new ranking structure of Unigamia!
  1. Universal Admiral - Owner
  2. Supercluster Commodore - Final judges on Constitutional rulings. Administrators on the forums. Administrators on the wiki. Main community is Unigamia.
  3. Galactic Commander - Equivalent to Public Text Moderators in Discord. Moderators on the forums. Main community is Unigamia.
  4. Quadrant Commandant - A junior form of Public Text Moderator in Discord. Responsible for measuring sovereignty engagement. Main community is Unigamia.
  5. Spur Officer - Equivalent to Public Voice Moderator with more permissions. Veteran member of the community (>1 year). Must be 18 years of age or older. Main community is Unigamia.
  6. Parsec Prefect - A junior form of Public Voice Moderator with more permissions. Veteran member of the community (>1 year). Main community is Unigamia.
  7. Sector Supervisor - A Sovereignty Leader. Lowest role required in order for a member to run a sovereignty on his or her own.
  8. System Lieutenant - Trusted Members of |UGA|, only trusted individuals allowed to be promoted. Can ratify the Constitution and vote in nonbinding votes on community rules.
  9. Planetary Ensign - Normal Member of |UGA|, can come to events and community engagement.
  10. Continental Cadet - A pledge to join Unigamia. Member must be present at at least one promotion ceremony before he or she can apply for mod.
However, because jump promotions are unconstitutional, I will be holding one last Promotion Ceremony with the old system tonight at 7 PM CST before these ranks come into effect. Even if you cannot make it

Since we have reached our 250 role limit in Discord, I will be repurposing several roles during this transition process. All Discord moderators will be demoted before this transition. @public-text-moderator will become @quadrant-commandant, @public-voice-moderator will become @parsec-prefect, @event-leader will be renamed back to @sector-supervisor, and since @community-manager is the only rank left in the Discord moderator hierarchy, it will become @continental-cadet (with none of the Points permissions). Members promoted to new roles but are inactive in |UGA|, do not complete their verbal pledge to the Constitution, or who do not want to have moderator responsibilities in |UGA| will be slowly demoted down below Parsec Prefect.

Since we will now have dozens of new moderators in the Discord server, we need a way for regular members to report rules being broken by other members for our moderators to see, without having to go to a specific mod. We also need members to be able to report abuse from our moderators.

If you need to report someone breaking the rules in Discord, post a thread in this forum:

If you need to report someone abusing their mod powers in Discord, post a thread in this forum:

No one else can see your threads other than me and the Galactic Commanders. We will always treat your reports as anonymous, and will not reveal your name to the person or people that you are reporting.

Toxicity towards |UGA|, people who denigrate |UGA|, call us a shit organization, say that our organization is dying, etc.,, should also be reported.

And finally:

The inquiry system is abolished.

Now that we have dozens of moderators and we have restored the hierarchy, we have no need for the Inquiry system. All it does is cause unnecessary drama. The reason it existed in the first place was because we only had a few Supercluster Commodores and we wouldn't all be online at the same time, so we needed to schedule a time when all of the Supercluster Commodores could be present. Now that the hierarchy is fixed, if you have an issue with another member you go directly to a higher-ranked member to ask for a mediator. I will expand on this new system later.


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You're welcome! I'm glad that we're finally moving |UGA| in the right direction.
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