Wallcheese's Discord Jannie Application


System Lieutenant
  • Your Name: Wallcheese
  • Your Join Date: June 3rd, 2019
  • Your Last Promotion/Demotion Date: 43 days I think
  • Do you use static voice channels or auto voice channels more often? Both Equally
  • When you are in AVC, are you in public voice channels or private voice channels more often? Public
    If you have not been a Discord moderator:
    Name three ways you see the rules being broken (text or voice) that you would like to see enforced more and how you would enforce them:
    • Example 1: Earraping and interrupting others in important discussions, (Server Mute after being told not to)
    • Example 2: Harassing people and mass pinging others in text channels (Mute depending on the severity)
    • Example 3: Off-topic discussion or le epic MEMES in an inappropriate channel. If it really does make sense for it to be removed, I'll make sure it is deleted or they will be warned or muted.