SCP:SL Winter ツ SCP:SL Moderator Application

Winter ツ

Planetary Ensign
Servers you play on the most: #4 [MEMES]
In-game name: Winter ツ
Steam ID 64:
Discord ID (Handle & ID): Winter ツ#4366 634375483148075008
Age: 15 (11th grade)

How Many People have you invited to the server: None

Why do you think you should be admin: I feel that I should be admin because I think that the server could use more people and later into the night to help moderate the server
and keep things clean and fun. I would also be a good fit for admin on this server since its my most played server and
I know the people and rules very well. I am very mature and won't take a personal offense from other players.
I'm also very active and play almost everyday of the week so I could be on more to make sure the server is well moderated.

Give me three scenarios you would use your admin in:
Scenario 1:
Someone mic spamming dead chat, playing very high pitched loud sounds, or calling someone racial slurs.

Scenario 2:
Someone mass teamkilling (tk in general), bullying or targeting players.

Scenario 3:
SCP intentionally killing self (suicide) or killing other SCP's (pc with tesla gate).