SCP:SL Wolframite01's SCP:SL Mod Application

Discussion in 'Admin Applications' started by Wolframite00, Oct 4, 2019.

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    • Servers you play on the most: RP,ERP
    • In-game name: ultratec10
    • Name of the Super/Senior Mod sponsoring you (you cannot ask): None
    • Steam ID 64:<76561198392211510>
    • Discord ID (handle and ID): Wolframite01#5549
    • Age: 15
    • How many people have you invited to the server: 5
    • Why you think you should be admin: it never hurts to have extra help. I would also like to help keep the servers as fun as they are. I enjoy playing on all the UGA servers, and I generally enjoy the people on them. I would like to help ensure that the bad players don't ruin everyone else's experience.
    • Give me three scenarios you would use your admin in:
      • Scenario 1: AFK Players-I would remove people who have been AFK for a few minutes to allow the server slots to be used by active players
      • Scenario 2: Teamkilling- I would figure out the whole story before taking action, this is a big problem. I would like to help control it
      • Scenario 3: Confusion-many people do not read the rules on discord like the server says too, and some people just have questions. I would like to help answer these questions so players don't unknowingly break the rules.

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